What is the impact of Medical Cannabis in Shaping The Future Of Thailand

12 Sep 2020

After its recent legalization, the use of medicinal cannabis in Thailand has increased enormously. 

Thailand has now agreed to increase the growth of medicinal cannabis. The market aspect is awe-inspiring since Thailand has accepted cannabis for scientific and medicinal purposes. Cannabis production with the best marijuana seeds shapes the future of Thailand in many ways, including the import and export business.

Cannabis has achieved a rough estimate of around US$ 150 billion from a global perspective. Thailand's Deputy Prime Minister, Anutin Charnvirakul, is suggesting the creation of cannabis plantations. That action, in turn, will stimulate the growth of hospitals because cannabis is used for medicinal purposes. The business ventures would be expanding significantly if wholly legalized. If the government lifted partial marijuana bans, producers and farmers would reap bounty harvests. 

Marijuana had a long reputation as a gate for the use of hard drugs and considered as a dangerous drug. All that has changed in Thailand now as it has been adopted as a medicinal herb by the government. Thai universities are also on the prowl for ground-breaking cannabis knowledge. Marijuana has become widely sought in the medical field since it contains cannabinoids. It is used for treating chemotherapy side effects such as vomiting and nausea.

Thailand seems to be getting its priorities right, especially as regards marijuana issues. Because of its enormous health benefits, it's fair to say marijuana is shaping the future of Thailand tremendously. Logistics is placed in place to ensure cannabis becomes a significant part of the economy in Thailand. For example, bodies such as the Medicinal Cannabis Research Institute were formed to ensure that only quality marijuana enters hospitals in Thailand.

One way to savor Thailand's marijuana gains is through cooperation with the government. Much has happened, especially regarding the marijuana revolution. Farmers and entrepreneurs need to work together to make cannabis the center of Thailand's economy. The future seems bright as the government is working hard to educate and raise consciousness about marijuana among the general public. Marijuana plantations will benefit significantly.

Source: CTN