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Loy Krathong festival of light on October 31

14 Oct 2020

The conclusion of the rainy season signals this holiday, which is indeed a cause for celebration. Loy Krathong, or 'festival of light,' is thought to have arisen in the ancient city of Sukhothai. 

It's not actually a holy holiday, but you'll see many Thais praying to the goddess of the sea, Mae Khongkha, as they send down the river their adorned 'boats.' Many Thais would offer gratitude for the fortune of getting water to the water goddess, while others would pray for forgiveness for wasting or contaminating so much. 

Candles are illuminated and set on top of gracefully painted vessels, which then send down bodies of water. Each candle has a prayer, memory, or urge added to it as it lets it run down every body of water on which it is found. 

That is the central concept of the festival as a whole: it is a fresh beginning of sorts. Participating in the festival, Thais and foreigners let go of whatever their misfortunes are and let the river take them downstream and away for good. 

The tops of the krathongs, which are spherical items, usually made of banana leaves and flowers, flowing down the river, are protected by burning incense and lighted candles. Loy means 'to float.' To see thousands of lighted banana-leaf ships float down rivers is definitely an incredible sight. 

The municipality of Hua Hin has confirmed five major locations where the annual celebration of the Loy Krathong Festival will take place on Saturday, October 31. 

To prevent overcrowding and traffic chaos, the areas have been allocated.

The municipality requested the people to obey the standard procedures for protection and health, such as carrying masks and social distancing. 

The municipality also demanded help in making natural materials from the Krathong to preserve the climate. 

In these regions, there will also be market stalls and shops selling different items. 

Hua Don Beach, Khao Takiab (near the ferry pier)

• Queen Sirikit Park, Soi 19

• Nong Kae Community

• Khao Takiab Community

• Khao Tao Reservoir

At the northern end of the beach, where water flows to the ocean near the bridge that passes over the beach lane, the target of activities in Cha-Am is.