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Class divided and alternate days, new regulations for school opening

12 Jun 2020

Classes will be divided, so on different days when students will go to school as the new term begins on July 1.

The Office of the Commission for Basic Education (Obec) says the decision was taken this week at an Obec discussion. Senior officials gathered to review the system of remote learning coordinated during the Covid-19 pandemic for students.

Obec has, in the new term, limited the number of primary students in each class to no more than 20, and high school students in a class to no more than 25, says Amnat Wichayanuwat, secretary-general of Obec.

Where the numbers go beyond the limits, the students in each class may be divided into two groups that will go to school on alternative days.

Meanwhile, classes have to implement measures of hygiene and cleanliness and practice social distance.

Mr. Amnat said that the directors of 225 education area offices nationwide are to follow up on the new way the classes are conducted.

Earlier, the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration (BMA) decided that the alternative-day arrangement would be introduced at 233 large schools it runs. The schools each have more than 400 students.

Students will go to school on Monday through Friday as normal in small schools with 20 students or fewer in-batch, Mr. Amnat said.

In the meantime, Obec said that television students, parents, teachers, and school administrators are satisfied with the long-distance learning program.

From May 18-28, the bureau surveyed their opinions. The survey found 67 percent satisfied with the program, with 17,916 respondents nationwide. 65 percent have claimed they recognized the issues discussed during the show.

Source: Bangkok Post