Speak Thai - Basic Phrases

7 Jul 2022

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It is not simple to learn a new language. When the new language is Thai, the tough job seems to be impossible to do. Thai grammar is straightforward. However, the language is tonal (of which there are five tones). Every word has a different meaning depending on how it is said. Before visiting Thailand, everyone should memorize a few Thai words to be polite and show respect.

Speak Thai


Basic Thai welcomes and greetings are by far the most essential words that tourists should learn before visiting the Land of Smiles. When it comes to smiling, individuals who can utter these phrases may nearly always expect a grin in response from everyone they meet. On Koh Phangan, a little effort on the part of visitors to memorize fundamental pleasantries goes a long way. 

Note. At the end of some sayings/greetings, it is polite to add a “Kah or Khap” “Kah” for females and “Khap” for males. You can do this as often as you like.


Thai language: สวัสดี (คะ/ครับ) 
How to say it in Thai: Sawatdee (Kah/Khap)

How are you?
Thai language: สบายดีไหม?
How to say it in Thai: Sabaidee dee mai?

I’m not well
Thai language: ไม่สบาย
How to say it in Thai: Mai Sabai

Thai language: 
How to say it in Thai: 



It's difficult to communicate in Thai. Thailand's public transit system is convoluted. Thai meals may be confusing. Whatever it is that has you perplexed, you'll need to know a few inquiry words in order to explain, well, everything.


Where? = Tiinai?
What? = Arai?
When? = Muarai?
How? = Yangngai?
Why? = Tum mai?


Addressing People

In Thailand, how you address people is very significant. People are addressed in various ways depending on their age and social status. Using the wrong word to address someone may be deemed rude. For example, some people find it insulting to address someone older than them with a title that is reserved for younger people. Here are the essential titles to know in order to avoid this.


I (female) = Chán
I (male) = Pŏm
You = Kun
He/She/They = Kao
Female/Male (junior) = Nong
Female/Male (senior) = Pee

Speak Thai

Travel Directions

Visitors will use a variety of modes of public transit across Thailand, from Bangkok, the world's most crowded metropolis, to island hopping in the south. Here are a few sentences that can assist you go from point A to point B.


Do you use the meter? = Chai meter mai 
Nearby = Glai glai
Go straight = Dtrong bpai
Go left = Leo saai
Go right = Leo kwaa
Stop = Yut
Go to the airport = Bpai sanam bin
Station = Sataanii
Bus stop = Bpaai rot mee
Bus = Rot mee
Skytrain = Rodfai faa
Subway = Rodfai dtaaidin
Airplane = Kruang bin
Minibus = Rot dtuu
Car = Rot
Bicycle = Jakgrayaan
Motorcycle = Moodteesai
Boat = Rua
Speak slowly = Puut chaa chaa noi



Thailand has a plethora of mementoes worth packing in your carry-on for the long trip back home. Knowing a few phrases about shopping can come in handy in a variety of situations, from night markets to malls in the capital. Bartering is often required at booths and merchants. Some Thai phrases can assist consumers in obtaining a better deal. Here are the ones you should keep in your back pocket till you get to the Kingdom.


How much? = Taorai
Very expensive = Paang mak
Can you reduce the price? = Lod noi dai mai
I want this one = Ao annii


Eating Out

Every day, Thailand's coffee scene grows in popularity and thrives. Visitors to Thailand may want to sample a cup of coffee at one of the many pet cafés or speciality coffee shops. Also, don't even get us started on Thai food. Knowing these phrases when eating in one of the world's most renowned culinary destinations is a necessity. Check out the most useful words to use when eating in the Kingdom, from street food to the more opulent dining choices in the capital.


Café = Raan gaafee
Restaurant = Raan aahaan
Bathroom = Hongnaaam
May I have the menu = Aow meenuuu noi
Vegetarian = Mawng sa vee rat
Vegan = Gin jay
Water = Naam
Beer = Beer (easy, right?)
Chicken = Gai
Rice = Kaao
Cold = Yen
Hot = Rone
No ice = Mai aow nam khang
No sugar = Mai aow nam tan
1 more please = Khor iik nung
I like spicy = Chan/Pom chawp pet
Not spicy = Mai pet
Excuse me = koortoot
What is this? = Annii arai
Hungry = Hiu


You've taken every precaution you can think of and are prepared to go to Thailand. There seems to be nothing that might cause your journey to be derailed. However, no amount of vaccinations or insect repellent can guarantee that an accident will not occur. If it happens, here are some words to remember in an emergency.


Hurts = Jep
Where is the police station? = Sataanii dtamruat yoo tee nai
Where is the hospital? = Rongpayaabaan yoo tee nai
Call an ambulance = Dahm rot pa-ya-bahn
I’m lost = Long tahng
Can you help = Choo-ay dai mai


Night Out

Thailand has some of the best nightlife in the world. You'll want to have a drink (or two) and explore all the nation has to offer when the sun goes down, from red-light districts to nightclubs and beach parties. Here are some amusing words to remember during a night out.


Would you like a drink? = Ja deum arai mai
Cheers = Chon gâew
Single = Bpen soht
I’m drunk = Mow

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