Soi Dog teams up with eco friendly dog clothing line to raise funds

7 Jul 2022

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Soi Dog has teamed up with Tlabambaa, an eco-friendly dog apparel manufacturer, to raise finances and relieve anxiety, dread, and panic for Thailand's neglected and disregarded animals.

Soi Dog is the most well-known organization in Asia that assists abandoned, neglected, and forgotten animals. Soi Dog has spayed, neutered, and vaccinated approximately 600,000 cats and dogs in Thailand since its inception in 2003. Every year, their amazing team of foreign veterinarians performs over 120,000 medical treatments. Every month, about 400 people are admitted to their large shelter in northern Phuket. In only four years, Soi Dog has partnered with many like-minded rehoming organizations in the United States and Canada to find loving permanent homes for over 1,000 former Thai street animals in North America.

Tlabambaa, an eco-friendly, animal-loving dog accessories firm, was developed by Hafiza Younes to offer trendy comfort-inducing scarves for dogs suffering from anxiety, dread, and terrors. Hafiza wishes to provide comfort to pets that are afraid of thunder, loud sounds, or fireworks. She wishes to bring solace to individuals who have been subjected to neglect, abandonment, exploitation, and brutality as part of her entire devotion to animals.

Many studies have been undertaken by researchers, veterinary surgeons, and animal behaviourists that indicate that applying consistent moderate pressure to a dog's body effectively decreases its heart rate and serum cortisol levels. Cortisol is a stress hormone that tracks the fight-or-flight response, which is a defensive response to a perceived danger or ingrained fear. Tlabambaa scarves create this pressure, which reduces the likelihood of dogs hiding in fear or terror. Tlabambaa has gotten a lot of excellent feedback, not just for the increased pet confidence and calmness.

Tlabambaa has teamed with Soi Dog. They intend to gather enough money as a group to continue reforming animal cruelty legislation throughout Asia. The money generated will be used to protect animals from danger, offer medical treatment and care, and spread vital educational information and spay and neuter programs across the area.

One of the scarves in the Tlabambaa winter line bears the vivid Soi Dog colour. A portion of all revenues is automatically donated to the nonprofit Soi Dog Foundation; animal owners may also show their support by purchasing the limited-edition Soi Dog scarf. "It takes a village to rescue a kid," as the saying goes, yet it just takes a scarf to save a dog.

The Tlabambaa scarf is composed of earth-friendly hemp and organic cotton and is long-lasting. Hafiza collaborated with designers and fabric manufacturers that shared her passion for the environment and the world. She discovered a mix of 55% hemp and 45% organic cotton after experimenting with almost limitless fabrication techniques. During typical washing cycles, hemp fibres maintain and protect other textiles from degrading and weakening. Hemp is antibacterial, antimicrobial, and hypoallergenic, as well as being long-lasting and becoming softer with time. The scarf keeps its shape and form, which is important for the pressure that provides comfort.

Tlabambaa has created the ideal, long-lasting scarf to support your pets and their concerns. The Tlabambaa scarf provides them with an additional layer of affection and a comfortable embrace. On very hot days, you might wet the scarf with chilly water to assist lower their body temperature. In addition, if there are loud sounds, your dog may wear the scarf as a hat over his or her ears to keep them quiet.

Hafiza grew raised in Cairo, another large metropolis where animal overpopulation is a problem. She recognizes that people's attitudes and behaviours are formed at an early age. She supports Soi Dog's educational programs for school children beginning in elementary school, emphasizing the necessity of instilling a feeling of compassion and understanding for dogs, cats, and other sentient species in youngsters. "The grandeur of a country and its moral growth may be evaluated by the way its animals are handled," Mahatma Gandhi famously stated. Let us continue to work together to improve our wonderful country.

Forming alliances with businesses that share similar values is critical for reaching a larger audience, clearing the way for creative solutions, enhancing effective involvement, offering education, and collecting finances for a more sustainable future.

Tlabambaa donates a part of each scarf sale to Soi Dog in support of their ongoing efforts to improve people's lives and relieve some of the pain that plagues Asia. Perhaps you'd rather spend your Christmas money on a Tlabambaa scarf and provide a caring environment for your own dog or one at a local shelter. We can link enabling globe communities to make a difference if we work together. Remember that saving one animal will not rescue the world, but it will transform the world of that animal.