Zoo in Thailand keeps animals cool by serving freezing meals

12 May 2020

With temperatures rising to as high as 43 degrees Celsius in certain places, officials at Khon Kaen Zoo in Khon Kaen's northeastern province wanted to consider a number of ways to keep the animals healthy and stress-free.

The zookeepers made Popsicles from various fruits while freezing blood cubes for the lions and tigers in an effort to keep them cold in the while having high temperatures.

The cooled sweets are transferred by rope to the animals to hold them active and to attract them in the path of sprinklers to further cool them.

Thanachen Khensing, director of Khon Kaen Zoo, said animal feeding had to adapt to compensate for the sun. Some had even frozen their meat until mealtimes.

At the zoo, herbivores are fed with fruit popsicles, while otters are provided frozen mackerel and extra water time.

Source:  National News Bureau of Thailand