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One body found, two still missing - Raja Accident

7 Aug 2020

Officials are searching for two missing people from the Raja ferry crash. They have found one of the three missing deceased. Miss Napharada Janharn, who was a salesman at the wrecked is the body found.

The Prime Minister has encouraged the officers and urged the Harbor Department to check the warning system for banning ships from the shore.


Ms Trisulee stated that for the search such as a continuous search for the sixth day, there is an obstacle to work, namely strong wind waves.

Turbulent and turbid currents For a search plan on Aug. 6, the diver team went into the dive to find the lost around the boat and organized a team to find the lost on nearby islands.

The Prime Minister has urged officials to exercise caution in the search operation. Avoid risk factors as much as possible. To prevent any loss that may occur from the performance of duties And also thanks for encouraging all the officials in the mobilization of forces to help each other strongly.