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Latest Update for the Raja Ferry Sinking Tragedy

4 Aug 2020

Following the Raja Ferry sinking accident on Saturday, August 1st.

The latest information regarding the Raja Ferry from Koh Samui to Donsak sinking on 2nd August.

9 in Koh Samui Hospital.

As for now, the rescuers are still searching still for 3 people, 2 victims in a safe condition and 2 deceased.

Admitted to Koh Samui Hospital

  1.  Mr Chamnian Buri Mash (Ton Kl)
  2.  Mr Sutthirak Mueang Inn (mechanic)
  3.  Mr Charoen Phongphancharoen (motorcycle technician)
  4.  Mr Chaikit Chimphli (Saisi)
  5.  Mr Kiangsak Chaiwong (Salasi)
  6.  Mr Anuphon Chankasem (Sao Sailor)
  7.  Mr Wirot Jae Wang (sailor)
  8.  Mr Sarayut to Mueang Klang (10 wheel driver)
  9.  Mr Boonchamphromthong (10 wheel driver)

In search of.

  1. Mr Thiwakorn Naw cuddle Charapat (Saisi)
  2. Nang Napha cuddle Rada Chanhan (Sales staff)
  3. Mr Chaichan Lao Sap (10 wheel driver)

Victims found in Koh Tan (safe)

  1.  Mr Phatcharatipratip cuddle (sailor)
  2.  Mr Suwit Naraset Worachai (Manager) Contractor company (drive truck)

Victims found (deceased)

  1. Mr Tevin Surat (Mr. Boat) meets around Koh Mot Daeng.
  2. Mr Sirawut Thongbunyung (Sarangkon) meets around Ko Madkong.