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Until Nirvana is Reached - International Yoga Day Teacher Astrea

17 May

Astrea from Germany teaches at Agama Healing Center and will be leading classes at the International Yoga Day on June 21st.

Astrea teaches Hatha Yoga and her specialty is Nidra Yoga.

Tell us your Koh Phangan story, How did you end up here?
Before I came for the first time to Agama I was travelling as an activist for peace and human (women) rights in all of Asia for many years already. I was sure about the needs of the world to be changed. I felt my Pictures (as a photographer) and knowledge and experience of protesting and direct actions would be able to change not only people’s awareness but their actions.

When I first came in 2011 to Agama, doing level 1 and a few workshops, I made the vow to myself to stay here until Nirvana is reached.

What do you think can be achieved from International Yoga Day?
That it is a beautiful opportunity for Yogis to come together and share experience and knowledge. Because many times we are so busy with our own sadhana (self-practice) that we don’t see the many beautiful new and old facets of Yoga which are shared by many different teachers and traditions.

So I am personally looking forward to experience new styles and teachers of the growing field of Yoga.

How has yoga changed your life?
Completely. It helped me to understand, that, to make the world a better place I need to start with myself. And teaches me evolving from righteousness to compassion.

“Be the change you want to see in the world.” Gandhi

And Yoga teaches me about the purpose of Life and love towards the divinity in each one of us.

Why do you think practicing yoga in Koh Phangan is special?
Because of the authentic Yoga Teachers, who are not only sharing an old tradition which is modern and fancy but actually living their Lives as Yogis. I have found a family and the best teachers here on Koh Phangan at the Agama Yoga School.

And leave us with your personal Yogi Philosophy…
Om Sarvesam svastirbhavatu
Sarvesam santirbhavatu
Sarvesam purnam bhavatu
Sarvesam mangalam bhavatu
Auspiciousness be unto all

Perfect peace be unto all
Fullness be unto all
Prosperity be unto all

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