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‘Awakening the crown chakra’ with Dharmananda Maimon

8 Sep 2016

Dharmananda Maimon from Israel tells us about the ‘Awakening the crown chakra’ retreat at Agama...

Can you please explain the event...

‘Awakening the crown chakra’ is an 8 day silent meditation retreat which combines esoteric teachings mainly from the tantric tradition of different techniques for activating the crown chakra and as well Hatha yoga, Music Meditation and some additional teachings for increasing awareness, mindfulness and clarity.

What do you think an individual can gain from your workshop?

Better control over one’s mind, purification of the mind, high states of consciousness and self awareness

And what uniqueness will you personally bring to this event?

As I’ve been practicing for more than 13 years kundalini yoga and all of the techniques taught in this retreat I will bring mainly a strong transmission and support energetically for all the students who will participate.

What is your area of specialty?  

Kundalini Yoga, Sexual Tantra, Meditation, Mental concentration.

How did you get involved with Agama and how did you end up on Koh Phangan?

I heard from a relative of mine about Agama yoga in Rishikesh India and so I went there to meet swami and start practicing yoga, later on as the school moved to Koh Phangan I continued my practice and teachings there.


Date: Sept 25th - Oct 2

Event Link: http://www.agamayoga.com/retreats/sahasrara