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TantraRebirth is here for Rebirhting Practitioners, and for those they are interested in personal growth through yoga and/or tantra.


You can create for yourself ongoing health, effortless bliss, prosperity, youthfulness, and even total mastery by consciously using the power of your mind and your breath.

Conscious breathing is a physical, mental and spiritual experience, but mostly physical and spiritual. The physical part consists of connecting your inhale to your exhale in a relaxed rhythm.

The purpose of conscious breathing is not primarily the movement of air, but the movement of energy. If you do a relaxed connected breathing rhythm for more than a few minutes, you will experience dynamic energy flows in your body. These energy flows are the merging of Spirit and matter.

Conscious breathing has the potential of cleaning the physical body and emotional body, it cleans the nervous system and the circulatory system as well as the energy body.

It is not possible to get the same benefits yourself that you can receive from the presence and guidance of a good breathing teacher.
The state of spiritual enlightenment and intuitive guidance of your breathing teacher or yourself is the biggest factor in determining the power of the energy flows.

To book a breathing sessions contact Andrea
tel: 0849 281 753
email: polyandi@gmail.com

Breathing helps:

- release emotional blockages 
- healing physical problems
- transform mental patterns

These techniques are a way to:
- reach elevated levels of consciousness
- discovering life purpose
- transmute karmic blockages
- out of body experiences

Andrea is a natural intuitive, with long term experience in spiritual healing. 
Educated in parapsychology, transpersonal psychology and breathwork therapy. 
She is also an Agama yoga teacher, and a member of Rebirthing Breathwork International. 

Private Yoga classes also available.

Venue Info

0849 281 753