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The Secluded Peace of Loyfa Natural Resort Koh Phangan

14 Sep 2019

Situated on its own private peninsula in the calm village of Sri Thanu on the West Coast of Koh Phangan is Loyfa Natural Resort.

This peaceful resort is owned by a local Thai Buddhist family whose focus on bringing a calm and healing impact on the body, soul and spirit during your stay means that Loyfa is the perfect retreat and vacation destination!

Many guests talk of meeting the family during their time there which brings that special personal essence to Loyfa, a care and serenity that other establishments miss.

What makes Loyfa Natural Resort so special is that it is almost a village of its own. There is so much space and nature which brings with it peace, nothing is cramped together like in other resorts where there is a fight to put as much as possible into one space.

As you enter Loyfa, you go up a hill, the resort is situated on its very own mountain and then there is no access from outside to its private beach or the rest of the resort.

This keeps its exclusivity for guests yet retaining a calm atmosphere without the stiffness of other private resorts.

Loyfa Natural Resort is a place to stay where you will feel at home and with its traditional Thai and local spirit this gives guests an ambience of island peace, energy, enjoyment and relaxation.

They believe that the perfect harmony of body and mind is the key to personal balance and happiness and Loyfa also offers retreats and practices which is centred on teaching its guests the ‘philosophy of life’ and focuses on healing and mindfulness, which is the key for daily lives.

With many different types of accommodation to suit all budgets and tastes, this means that everyone from all walks of life can stay and experience the serenity and lifestyle of Loyfa Natural Resort.

From beach front cottages situated just a few steps from the sand of Loyfa’s very own private beach, garden and pool villas to suites with a sea view of the beautiful Gulf of Thailand. Customers taking part in Loyfa’s BetterLife retreats even now have the option to stay in newly built modern dorms, meaning you can enjoy all of the nature, calmness and tranquility of the resort, taking part in workshops and yoga in the exquisite new shala yet enjoying a more minimalist type of accommodation, perfect to help set your mind into a peaceful state and to take on new knowledge.

There are two swimming pools to choose from during your stay and of course a wonderful restaurant which boasts a seafood BBQ in the evenings where you can dine on the beach in romance if you wish. Loyfa’s facilities will satisfy anyone who comes for their Koh Phangan holiday with an added plus that you will also get so much more…