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Drum In The Sun


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What is drum in the sun all about?
It's a alternative to your typical WestAfrican Drum/Dance weekend intensive. We are not only offering the option for a short change from the usual life you lead but also giving you the opportunity to really go deep and live the full DrumLife with us for an extended period of time. KohPhangan offers a perfect atmosphere for training djembe music. The weather is usually very pleasant, it's cheap to live there, boasts a hip eclectic community which acts as a hub for international travelers, and best of all you can play drums as loud as you want in a assortment of outdoor and indoor locations there's even a cave big enough for private lessons or personal practice which has views of the ocean. I've drummed in many places, thus far KohPhangan has the most options for playing and has been the friendliest place I've had the opportunity to play at. 
The classes we teach are rooted in traditional drumming yet also shed light on popular modern adaptations of WestAfrican music. The point is we are not afraid or judgmental of other styles of drumming. We cross train in a variety of drum traditions and enjoy improvising as well. 
There really is no end to rhythm and it's many variations. In these classes we will be prioritizing traditional rhythms from Mali and Guinea WestAfrica. We present all information in a logical easy to learn fashion which shapes it's self to each individual. We also keep our classes small ranging from 3-10 people so each person gets a lot of attention. 
Now all of that is great in terms of the content of our classes but Drum in the Sun is about more than just teaching music classes. To begin with it takes place in the gulf of Thailand's southern islands. The natural environment itself effects you on a visceral level you can really feel. Thai culture is colorful and interesting. The people are friendly and inviting to foreigners. Living is simple allowing us to focus on the drum. Thai style is all about family and community, DS is the same way. We hang out together, get meals, do performances, train, and share views. Drumming outside the classroom is just as important as study. We provide you with a wide variety of play options which help to broaden your scope on music and make you lots of new friends too. It's about community, friends, laughter, and fun.
*comprehensive classes, group and private, *instruments on site or available to buy
*Tropical paradise island KohPhangan
*Cultural exchange - Parties - Fun - Friends