KP Gems with Leo - The Fruitarian Experience

16 Oct 2018

World's first fruitarian restaurant on Koh Phangan!!!

When I was in Thailand for the first time, I thought just: WOW, what amazing fruits they've got here! Do you know durian, dragon fruit, mangosteen, snakefruit, rambutan...? You have to try them all!

You'll find on Koh Phangan a huge healthy community - also fruitarians! What's that??? Fruitarians live exclusively on fruit, typically raw fruit to be more exact. 

How is it to be a fruitarian? Antonio from Italy told us about the benefits:

  • more energy the whole day - you don't need coffee 
  • clarity of mind -  mental focus 
  • detoxing of your body - digestion, your sweat will not smell, you'll never get sick
  • sustainable - it's good for our environment

Healthy food is important for your body as well as your mind!  Antonio showed me some fruitarian dishes - the taste was amazing! You have to try this food in his restaurant. 

The restaurant will open in two weeks on our beautiful Island Koh Phangan!

He prepared a really awesome salad with pumpkin, tomato, olives and red pepper cream - food art - it looks like a flower... and the taste? It was like food heaven for me.

Have you ever eaten fruitarian burritos?? NO?! So you should try the burritos as soon as possible here!

It's so delicious!!! 50 hours to dry - one minute to eat, but you'll never forget the delicious taste! 

Do you like the Thai fried rice? So then you gonna love the fruitarian pumpkin rice with lime - trust me, it's amazing!

  If you like to get a new healthy food experience on Koh Phangan, you should visit the restaurant - enjoy.