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Organic Love is mainly vegan /macrobiotic but offers vegetarian options with egg and cheese. Holistic coffees, teas and protein shakes complete the menu.

Organic Love Wholefood Kitchen is the whole organic destination for individuals who choose to make healthy and mindful eating a part of their daily life. We created Organic Love out of a need to nourish our bodies with fresh and delicious food, containing ingredients that keep us fueled for a life on the go. Believing that food is nature’s greatest energy source, our restaurant serves colorful vegan and vegetarian recipes that are inspired by Chef ‘Dours’ (Kostas Douridas), from Greece. At Organic Love Wholefood Kitchen, we apply the concept of ‘Saucha’ - or purity - to our menu as we believe fresh and clean food is essential for health, happiness and general well-being. We make everything in-house, even chocolate, bread and pita. We will never use artificial, refined or processed ingredients. We will never use MSG or add unnecessary sugars. We pay extra care in where we source our ingredients; often traveling the extra mile to choose responsible and quality, over easy and available.

In our shop we offer top quality superfoods, herbal teas, protein, essential oils, olive oils, flour, beans, muesli, bamboo straws, wooden things, yoga mats, bed covers, bed sheets, cleaning material, soaps, and much - much more. Everything organic of course. :-) Follow us here on this Facebook page to be always up to date about the happenings in our restaurant and shop.

Rainer (General Manager) and the Organic Love Team (Yeh, Mali, Saw, Zaw, Zin and Moe)


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