Coconut Snakes and Sunsets on Koh Phangan - Nature running wild

30 Jul 2016

At Phanganist HQ the other day we had a surprise visitor which at first was thought to be a cable moving - then realised it was a one and a half metre long Green Tree Snake AKA a Coconut Snake.

These snakes are nonvenomous but can be very curious animals. It slowly slithered across the entire perimeter of the room then very impressively jumped out the window.

Later the same snake came back and was seen climbing some stairs near us. Again when went near it with a stick it quickly disappeared into the grass.

There are dangerous snakes on Koh Phangan such as Cobras and King Cobras but these are very rare and if you see one then count yourself lucky - but keep your distance. These dangerous snakes live in the undergrowth and do not stalk or threaten humans. If you see one then stop walking and simply slowly walk the other way and notify your hostel or hotel of where you have seen one of these and they will call ‘the snake guy’ too safely remove the snake from the premises.

We've also been seeing some beautiful sunsets as per usual...

Sunset photos captured by photographer Smurf.