Nature in Than Sadet

12 Feb 2021

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Than Sadet is known for its waterfall, what you may not know is that is it a haven for nature aswel.

Freelance and Star Lab Industries Photographer Smurf took a trip there last week and captured some beautiful images of some of the animals and beautiful nature there.

On the beach sits a restaurant and next to this there is a wooden deck that sticks out into the river. Here you have a very big chance to see monitor lizards happily swimming around.

Their forked blue tongues help them taste the air for prey and predators and also resembles a snake tongue.

They really are beautiful lizards and are certainly more scared of you than you are of them so take the chance to see them close up.

If you look closely at any part of wild Koh Phangan then you may be suprised what you see!

We are not sure what kind of spider this is but we wouldn't want to get much closer...

There was also this gathering of butterflies to admire, maybe this was them 'puddling'.

Butterflies do this around muddy areas do drink or gain extra salts apparently, although these guys could just be hanging out and enjoying the sun.

This little fella was very friendly according to Smurf's accompanying partner Christopher, who had his hand close to the lizard (being gentle of course).

It's not very often that a lizard doesn't quickly scurry away.

We all know that Thailand has some beautiful birds, these small beauties are an amazing sight to behold.

So dainty and fragile yet definately some of the most amazing nature around...

So if you are looking to see some of Koh Phangan's glorious nature then Than Sadet is surely another great place to do this!