Meet the Guests - Visiting Phangan Since a Child is Adriana

12 Feb 2021

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Meet the guests brings you Adriana who is 20 years old and from France. She began her Koh Phangan story much earlier than most of our young guests and travellers as she has been coming here since she was born with parents.

“This is my first trip on Koh Phangan on my own, a lot of people recommended this area of Baan Tai and I found Phanganist Hostel online. I just called and they were very friendly. I was meant to be coming to stay for 3 days and now it has been 3 weeks!”.

What are your memories of Koh Phangan as a child?
I would say a beautiful landscape, very kind people and very nice food. I love the atmosphere and it has always been my favourite island.

I have travelled a lot in Thailand and here is the perfect balance between everything, nature, party, young people and for every age.

Why did your parents like to bring you here?
They tried to live here for 6 months a year, they were travelling a lot in the Country and then here they never wanted to leave so now when they come to Thailand they only come here.

It’s very secure, people are friendly and helpful, it’s a very nice place when you are young and you can enjoy it a lot as a child.

So they are happy you are here?
Oh yes, I have been travelling for 2 years and told them I want to stop here and they thought ‘finally we’re not afraid, we know where you are’.

What do you like to do here?
You can live during  the day and night here, I like to do daytime activities such as the beaches in the North and during the night I like to go out to party and enjoy the nightlife. Everyday there is something to do.

How has it been living in a hostel for 3 weeks?
I love it, I have been living in hostels for 2 years now. You meet new people every day. You make friends very fast and everyone becomes family, you get used to living 24 hours with these people and its very nice. Also because when you meet people you discover their cultures and this is what I like.

What are the main things you have to get used to when sharing at a hostel?
You have to adapt to some rules as you live in a community with people but its very easy. The first few days can be difficult for someone who has never done it but you get used to it very fast.

What do you think of Phangan party scene?
I love the parties here, basically I like to go all the time to Drop In Bar. It’s my favourite, I like the music, the atmosphere, it’s on the beach and the perfect party with the perfect landscape. Everyone is frendly and its warm.

How much longer will you stay?
Unfortunately I have to go to France in a couple of days and wanted to go to New York after but now I have changed my mind and wanna come here for a couple of months. The lifestyle is so much better, there is no stress, everyone is friendly, this the true life.

What have you learnt from Koh Phangan?
I want to say to share with others makes me happy, sharing my life and experiences. Living with people 24 hours here means that you see them when they are happy and also when they are sad and I really enjoy being helpful and in the life of the people.

Leave us with your life philosophy…
Make your own way.