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What To Do If You Have No Money on Koh Phangan!

17 Jul 2020

Sometimes it happens, you run out of money. This happens everywhere, unexpected bills or expenses that have to be paid, stupid drunken decisions or an accident, robbery or theft which is not your fault.

The main thing to do is make sure you have a backup plan before you travel. Have some money saved in the bank, maybe in another account which you don’t use from day to day which is just for emergencies like these but of course if this goes as well then you may find yourself with no money at all.

Koh Phangan is still a relatively cheap place to visit or stay but it does depend on the lifestyle you choose to live whilst here.

If you are constantly partying, spending frivolously and not budgeting when it comes to food or accommodation then you may find yourself cutting your trip short. Be mindful if you want to stay here for the duration or for longer, think about what accommodation you can actually afford, cook at home where possible and treat it as you would your home so no week long drink binges unless you really can afford it.

No matter the consequences bad situations can happen so what do you do if you find yourself with absolutely no money on Koh Phangan?

Hopefully you have a flight already booked out of the Country so you will at least have an end date and just need to survive until then. Lots of hostels offer accommodation in return for a little work, whether this is ethical/legal or not is probably not a decision you’ll be able to make as you will need somewhere to stay so maybe this is an option for you.

Do you have friends here in a more stable situation? If so then ask if you can stay with them in return for doing the cleaning or cooking etc, the main thing you want to get sorted is a safe place to stay during the time you are waiting to leave.

You really won’t want to do this but make that call back home!!

See if you can borrow the money to survive until your flight, you will also need to get to the airport and so will need money to do this anyway. The only other option is to contact the Tourist Police or your Embassy who may be able to help.

When you don’t have any money in Thailand this means you won’t be able to pay for your next visa and the worse thing you can do is to overstay. It may be tempting… you could live on the beach, forage coconuts and fruits and live off grid for the rest of your life but trust us this is not a good option, for most importantly you but also the Thai community or the people living here within their means.

Your main concern is going to be keeping yourself safe, fed and watered until your date to leave.

But what if you don’t have a flight out of the Country or a particular time when you had decided to leave? Of course this is when it becomes a bit more tricky but still achievable.

It’s wonderful when you see or meet the foreigners who have been living here for one year, two years, five, ten and more. They have a nice home, probably a few dogs, spend their days at the beach and eat well, perfect right and it must be so easy so who cares if you have no money?!! WRONG.

These people have to work very hard for this, there are working visas to pay for, taxes each month, setting up a company and following strict regulations to live this dream here on Koh Phangan. But yes, the rewards and lifestyle are worth it but it certainly does not come for free so you have to be realistic if you run out of money…

You may get lucky but we doubt it (sorry). You may find a job which offers you a visa and work permit and congratulations if you do but let’s stay on topic and deal with the situation at hand.

You have no money and you have no flight.

First check when your visa ends, this is very important if you wish to be able to visit the Country again, you need to be out by this date so as not to overstay or get a ban.

There is another solution if you don’t want to go back to your home Country and that is to leave to another such as Malaysia or Cambodia etc but then of course you will need money to survive there too.

In this situation the only sensible thing you can do really is to ask family or friends.

Hopefully your family will not want to see you in a bad situation so they’ll find a way to help you and to get you back home.

Once you’re back home you can save up and come back another time, simple. Just make sure to budget and put an emergency fund in place next time!

Tourist Police  - 1155