What to do at Night if you Don’t want to Party on Koh Phangan

12 Feb 2021

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The night times are a perfect time to socialise and get about here on Koh Phangan. With the cooler temperatures the island picks up a little pace and you’ll maybe have a bit more energy to actually ‘do stuff’ at this time.

But what to do if you don’t want to party? Or what about if there is no party on that night? Well there is loads to do after the sunset so fret not!

First thing that comes to mind is that if it is a Saturday then you can go along to enjoy the Thong Sala Walking Street Market, this starts at 4pm but goes on to 10pm so it is lovely to take a walk and wander around at night time.

You can sample local treats and snacks, pick up souvenirs of the island, buy some cheaply priced clothes for yourself or just enjoy the market atmosphere.

It’s nice to go with a friend or few and take time to sample some delights before ending up at the other end near the pier side.

Most people will go to the beach in the daytime, when the sun’s hot and you can laze on the golden sands getting that perfect tan with a coconut in tow. However the beach is also beautiful at night.

Gaze up at the clear skies to star watch, you may even see a shooting star or a new clearer constellation. You can watch the local people wading in the shallows looking for crabs and cockles for dinner under the shadow of a beautiful silhouette of a palm tree with a beer that cost just 60 Baht from the shop.

If you want, you can ask some local fishermen if they do any trips out at night to experience some fishing in the dark and the amazing tradition that goes with it.

If you are staying in a hostel (hopefully Phanganist!) then why not get everyone together for a movie night or to chill and play some board games. Most hostels are up for ideas on what to do, they want you to be happy and so even if they don’t have a big screen you can get a laptop
in a comfy position for the group to enjoy a nice home comfort of a film with friends.

An obvious choice for the evening would be to check out a nice restaurant that you haven’t been to yet and there are many here on the island. Treat yourself to some high quality cuisine for a change from your usual fried rice, there are tons of good quality restaurants to choose from with a range of cuisines.

Take a walk around some of your favourite areas in the nighttime for a different experience. Thong Nai Pan Noi is amazingly beautiful in the day but it transforms into a little mystical nest at night also. With twinkling lights, a quaint little street, peace and a beautiful beach it’s a nice place to spend an evening.

There are so many more things we could list but just ask around, use your imagination and you’ll get loads of ideas for nightlife without the party here on Koh Phangan.