Top Seven Tips For Moving Into a New Property Launch

28 Apr 2016

Moving into a new property launch would seem like a much easier option than moving into an old building. It is a blank canvas to do whatever you want with and it is unlikely that it will have any major issues such as faulty plumbing or a rat infestation for you to deal with. However, even buying a new home through DDProperty or other trusted real estate websites can be a hassle when it comes to moving day and all of the preparations beforehand. Here are some tips to make the process of moving house easier for both new and old properties:

1. Have the Essentials Ready

When you are boxing things up for you move, have essentials all prepared in one box that you can preferably keep with you and have on hand.

This is especially important if your furniture will be arriving in a separate vehicle. The essentials will be some spare clothes, bed sheets and blankets so that you can fix up your bed straight away, and anything you need to make tea, coffee, or whatever your pick-me-up of choice is. If you have young children or pets, dont forget some toys or games to keep them from feeling bored or frustrated. Rental-Living suggests putting these items in clear plastic boxes so that you can identify them easily.

2. Label All Boxes

This seems like an obvious tip, but failure to do so could cause a lot of headaches when it comes to unpacking. Mark not only what is in the boxes but also what room they are to go in as well, which will be a useful aid for both you and the movers. You can even colour code or number your boxes if this makes it easier.

3. Clean Thoroughly Before Moving In

MoneySavingExperts says that even a new launch may require at least some cleaning before you move in. There may be some dust and debris left over from building or the property may have been sitting empty for a few weeks before your move, gathering dust. If possible, show up before your movers to give the property a dusting and scrubbing. It is much easier to do this in an empty room than one filled with furniture and boxes.

4. Take Photos of the Empty Property

This is more useful if you are renting rather than buying. By having photos of your house before you move in, you have a record which you can use to get your full deposit back. A good rental agency will likely do this themselves, but it is also useful to do it yourself too just in case you need it. Even if you are buying instead of renting, it can also be useful for when you eventually sell the property.

5. Plan Accordingly

It is likely that you will have to sell, give away, or donate a lot of your possessions before you move to get rid of anything you are not going to need. Moving into a new build means that you have free reign to furnish and decorate your home however you want to. Start planning not only your move several weeks, or even months, in advance but also what you want your home to look like. Decide if your current furniture or decorations will fit with the new aesthetic you want and if you should keep them or buy new ones. This will prevent you from moving large items that you end up not using from place to place needlessly. If you do need to buy new furnishings, start shopping around and buying early so that you have them ready for when you move and your new home isnt missing anything for weeks at a time.

6. Survey the Property

Even brand new builds will require a survey before you move in. Although the chances of major problems arising are minimal, there could still be something that the builders missed or have neglected. Finding these issues early will prevent an expensive repair job later on so the cost of a survey will pay for itself

7. Look Around the Neighbourhood

The last thing you want after a stressful move is to have no idea where the nearest supermarket or restaurant is, or be walking around the neighbourhood for hours to find one. Investigating your new neighbourhood beforehand or talking to your new neighbours to find out the best places to buy essentials will save you the hassle. As a bonus, you can start getting to know your neighbours early.
Moving to a newly developed property can have a lot of unforeseen headaches and even disasters that buyers often forget about. But keeping all of these things in mind before moving will make your move to a newly launched property as stress free as possible.