Drum and Bass at Full Moon - Djs Noize, Sith & Kang, ending a beautiful chapter

11 Jul 2016

Drum and Bass is a bit like marmite (marmite is a sandwich spread from the UK made from yeast extract), you either love it or hate it.

Or maybe you might be indifferent and like a certain style of DnB, soulful, jump up, dark side, this genre has it all.

The people of the drum and bass scene are different because it’s all about that ‘off beat’ they are the naught point fives and the one point fives not just the one, two, one, twos of other dance music genres.

Drum and Bass is a feeling, just ask anyone who listens to it…

Most of the parties on Koh Phangan play a range of House music and Full Moon is known for its EDM but it’s always been a refreshing pleasure to know that Sunrise Bar will give you your monthly fix of Drum and Bass, unfortunately though, this has come to an end...

Drum and bass music at the full moon party was actually started by Orchid club from 1995 to 2007 by Dj Sith alongside Dj Kang.

In May 2007, Orchid bungalows and Orchid club’s rental contract was terminated and they said ‘goodbye’ to the parties at Orchid club with Drum and Bass music.

Then in June 2007 on full moon party night, Dj Sith came to Sunrise Bar and got a chance to try playing Drum and Bass from 2am...And it worked!

From July, Sunrise Bar started to mix genres by opening with House music by Dj Noize (Sunrise’s residence dj) and then change to Drum and Bass from midnight. In 2010/2011 it completely changed to Drum and Bass music for the whole time and Dj Noize went from a House Dj to 100% Drum and bass.

Sunrise resort and bar’s administration policy has changed so that the music style for the full moon party now has to be House music or any commercial EDM.

As big fans of Drum and Bass we weep into our Phanganist t shirts here at HQ as we catch up with the Djs themselves; Noize, Sith and Kang and get the low down from them…

How long have you been djing at Sunrise?
Dj Noize from 2005 to June 2016.

Dj Sith from June 2007 to June 2016 at Sunrise bar and December 1995 to May 1995 at Orchid club.

And Dj Kang from 2009 at Sunrise also working as bar manager.

Most of the music at full moon is EDM, do you think sunrise brought something special?
Ha-ha. We guess no!

And what do you think of the music scene on koh phangan at the moment?
It’s almost all EDM with a little bit of Hip Hop at Cactus bar and House, Techno, Electro and Trance.

So it’s same music, same style.

Have you lined up anywhere else to play?
Sometimes we have other Drum and Bass parties like at KU Club, Flow Bar and Solo Bar in Samui and some parties in Bangkok soon!

What will the island's resident DnB fans have to do now?
Please wait, we will come back so soon!!
Is sunrise closing totally or just the bar for full moon?
Sunrise is not closing, just a change in administration policy about the music genre.

So there you are, we wave a sad goodbye to our full moon Drum and Bass family, keeping it real and swanky, off they swagger to their next adventure.

Don’t be too long guys!

Maybe it’s now the time that some other venues give us a bit of our Drum and Bass indulgence…