Helping with his Heart - Koh Tao Policeman Viktor

12 Feb 2021

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Police officer and traffic policeman Viktor has been on Koh Tao for nine months now after training in Surat Thani.

Viktor’s good reputation proceeds him as he works close to the pier and enjoys helping the tourists and locals of the island.

Phanganist went to meet the man himself…

Sawadee Ka Viktor, so what made you chose Koh Tao in particular?
The first time I looked at the island I thought it was paradise, I chose it alone though, all my friends said ‘Viktor, you crazy’ as they chose to work on the mainland.

When people see it though it’s like ‘wow’.

I knew from the first day, the people here are friendly and really good, they all take care of each other like family.

You organised this safety screen at the pier and beach cleans don’t you...
I am responding to nature, we want to keep the beaches clean not dirty. We did this in my hometown of Hua Hin and the beaches there are now kept clean.

Koh Tao is very beautiful so we try to start in the schools, to teach the children so that when they grow up Koh Tao will be kept clean in the future.

I don’t want money, I help with my heart. I help with anything I can, I care a lot.

I do not want to leave Koh Tao, I want to share with the people the good, haha I am only a little policeman though.

Tell us more about helping with safety…
We promote for people to wear a helmet and to not drink drive. We have the screen at the pier but would like to get more signs made for the island.

With Koh Tao’s new road, will there be enforcement in place for helmets?
My boss is working on this, it is a good project for the island. We are promoting helmets but at the moment it is not law on Koh Tao.

People do not know the risks, even if you feel hot in a helmet so don’t want to wear one you should as you may have an accident.

I want to teach the citizens more about this as they do not know as we don’t have a law, we want more shops to also sell helmets that are not expensive and hopefully from January 1st we will have a fine for not wearing a helmet.

What do you like to do in your free time?
I am a photographer so I like to go around and take pictures and also invite friends to go to the beach and do a beach clean!

It is simple, I want to keep Koh Tao clean and beautiful.

Viktor was very enthusiastic and passionate in his quest to keep the people of Koh Tao safe on bikes and also to keep the island in its paradise state.

When visiting Koh Tao it is fully recommended to wear a helmet on scooters and motorbikes, the risk is just not worth it.

We commend Viktor for all of his efforts!