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Euphoria by Atlas Muvs every tuesday at Cocoon Phuket


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About Atlas Muvs :

Over the past few years Atlas Muvs has been putting all his energy in the development of the underground scene in Phuket where he is based, by running or playing in several successful parties in the island. Having the ability to multitask at the present day he is taking a new step in his career by being the art director, the resident DJ and the graphic designer of Cocoon Phuket one of the newest and already respected underground club in Thailand.

"In the end it’s all about the love of dance music, the vibes and the best manner to deliver it"

His versatility and knowledge of the dance music culture makes him always ready to take you on a journey constantly seeking for new sounds to build his self confidence behind the decks. Obsessed about all form of arts and fashion it directly affects and inspire his style and records collection... Well this is just to say that the music you may dance to if Atlas Muvs is around is raw and wild from Disco to Techno...

Cocoon Phuket
17 Apr 21:00

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