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Phuket Airport crew are training handling with tourists in new normal

9 Sep 2020

On Tuesday, Phuket Airport held a dress rehearsal on dealing with international tourists as per the "Phuket Model" program by the Government.

The rehearsal covered every step, beginning with the arrival and screening of the tourists, the filing of documents, and the delivery of tourists to quarantine facility.

Thanee Chuangchoo, general manager of the airport, said the exercise was being carried out in collaboration with other agencies, including the Customs, Immigration Bureau, and Tourist Police. He added that if the Government decides to allow foreigners to arrive in Thailand, the airport needs to be ready.

The operation at Phuket Airport, he said, will be similar to the process at Suvarnabhumi in Bangkok, where Thai returnees and foreign ex-pats are allowed to land.

Dr. Darunee Budin, the medical director at Phuket Airport, said that all arrivals will be checked first using a thermoscope. If case there is any symptom of fever, or if the tourist is suspected of being sick, they will closely inspect their medical certificate and fit-to-fly paperwork.

She added that before they undergo immigration and customs formalities, all foreigners will be told to download the Airports of Thailand application (AOT). They will then be transferred into their facilities for quarantine.

However, if someone is found to have a temperature, they'll be isolated from others. They'll be sent to the hospital if their condition worsens.

She added that those who do not have the proper documents would immediately be sent back to their country.

Source: Nation Thailand