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Dj Kush

House DJ, Electro DJ

The last event I played in Jungle was in July this year and it was an unbelievably epic  and memorable experience. About 10 minutes into my set the heavens opened up and unleashed the most torrential rainfall, being an outdoor event it could quite easily have gone two ways. Luckily it went the right way and the rain sent the 6000+ crowd into absolute delirium! It really went off! The place went wild, it was hands in the air stuff all the way! The rain started creeping into the DJ box a little while after, and attempted to put an end to proceedings by attacking the CDJ's and Mixer. Luckily there was some Moon Island guys on hand to hold a tumpline over the decks while I played underneath! It was a challenge but we made it through and it ended up as one to remember that’s for sure!