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Fresh New DJ EVA 180 bringing us the 'Girl Vibe'

4 Dec

Eva 180 is playing at Zen’zi Bar on Saturday 14th November for their ‘Girls Vibe’ night. A fresh 21 year old from France, here on Koh Phangan for a holiday since October, this is her second time on the island. The thing she loves about the island “The atmosphere, the people and the parties”.

What got you into mixing?

I started last year because my dad is a Dj and he has also been organising parties in France for over twenty years now. So I naturally got into it and my dad taught me how to mix.

At the moment I use a controller and traktor and have been playing some parties in France.

You are playing at Zen’zi bar tomorrow, tell us how you got involved?
I know the owner Jo Peirano and he proposed to do a girls night, he asked me to play and I said yes. It is only girls playing, myself and two Djs from the island.

What style of music do you play and why?
Techno and Tech House, because it’s my style.

What do you think of the Phangan party scene?

I think it’s incredible, I like small parties like Lighthouse and Guys bar because they play the music I love.

Have you got any favourite Djs on the island?

Peter G, for his music. I have seen him at Lighthouse, Infinity and Sandcastle and he gives across an emotional energy.

What are you hoping to do with your music back in France?
I will play at small parties in france at ‘Les 2 Alpes’ which is a ski resort. For the moment I will keep playing to become better and a good Dj and learn other things like CDJ’s etc.

What have you been doing on the island?

I have been living in Sri Thanu because of the beach there and my dad lives here so this is why I know the place. I also like going out, relaxing, I like to go to the market, to read and go to the parties.

Where would you like to be as a Dj in the next five years?
For the moment I work and djing is just a hobby, but maybe it can go somewhere? It is too early to tell.



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