Lucky Man Uri from KC Beach Resort on our sister island Samui

3 Dec 2015

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So, what is your Samui story?
I'm a very lucky man, I was in the right place at the right time.
I had my annual vacation in Samui  and Koh Phangan when a new hotel with a beach club opened, KC beach club.
The management of the hotel (which one of them was my brother ) was looking for an extra pair of hands to help them promote the new club. I didn't have any background before in this kind of work before that and I didn't plan to stay in Thailand for a long time. I had a job waiting for me in Israel and was thinking to myself that it’s just going be two or three lovely days, promoting the club, helping my brother, having fun, maybe I will meet some girls and I will proceed with my vacation!

In my first day I got maybe forty or fifty people from the beach, mostly girls, and all of a sudden we had a party going on!
Since then, I fell in love with the place and felt that it was in love with me and now we are in a relationship for almost three years .

Tell us a bit about KC Beach Club...
KC beach club is a five star hotel with forty rooms and villas which are located on Chaweng beach. We offer all the facilities that a hotel can provide such as a pool, restaurant, bar, lounge and massage on the beach.
On top of that we have the beach club which is open every day from 12:00 o'clock till 19:00.

The hotel has a modern design and doesn't relate to the Thai environment such as other hotels around.
I mean, this place could be in any other place around the world such as Miami, Greece, Tel aviv or Ibiza and this is what we are aiming for. To be international on every aspect with our facilities, our food, service and of course the experience of the beach club.

You do have to understand about our quality, we are not playing commercial music and our guests are not backpackers with buckets of samsung whisky. Our type of guests are people who don't quite fit into the normal Chewing tourism, but on the other hand they are very opened minded and nice to each other.

What kind of events do you have there?
We make only DAYTIME pool parties every Saturday. This is the most famous one and during the high season, also Sunday and Wednesdays.

I have very good reasons why I do events only in the daytime.
First: Because nobody else is doing it!
Second: Because Thailand and especially Koh Samui has a lot more to offer during the daytime. At night ...well's fun too, but we already know the drill, disco ball, dancing shoes and colorful lighting, nothing really special. On the other hand, in the daytime we have the sunshine, the beach, we have the pool, we have green trees and the blue sky all around us, good food and good alcohol and above all of it, we are partying in our bikinis and swimwear!

Thailand has much more to offer during the daytime than in the night time .

What do you think of Koh Phangan?
I LOVE Koh Phangan! There is something about the place, about the energy of the place that makes you addicted to it.
This is the only place on earth that has TRUE freedom. Nobody cares who you are, what you do, how much money you have, but on the other hand, if you would just put just ONE speaker on the beach and start a party then every body will love you forever. Show me a place like that island anywhere else in the world...there isn't one!

What is your favourite thing to do on Phangan when you visit?
Friday and Saturdays at Guys bar and Eden Bar. No need to say more than that!

What is the party scene like in Samui and how is it different to Phangan?
It is very different to Koh Phangan and much more softer. Over here most of the places are closed at 2am  (apart from the Sound club which opens till the morning).
We have good places that are playing good music, such as Cha Cha moon, Solo bar, Gecko bar, Sun of beach which has become popular and Qubbos which is has also become popular on a Saturday.

But the true magic about this island Koh Samui, is the people. The community of Samui are truly amazing! They are nice and take care of each other also outside of the dance floor, during our normal life .
Every time I have a guest from Koh Phangan they are surprised how beautiful the people over here are and how the scene over here is much more fun than you would imagine.
I invite you to see it for yourself one time.

What are your plans for KC and yourself over the next five years?
I would like to make KC beach club an international name. The same like Ushuaia, Nikki beach and Blue Marlin. With international DJ's from all over the world.
I believe that we have the power to do it .We have all the conditions to make a brand that can be known all over the world .

What do you do in your free time?
I am free all the time even when I'm working because I LOVE what I'm doing, what I'm doing in my free time? Partying!!

When are you planning to visit Koh Phangan next and what for?
I really don't know, every week I promise Sharon at Phanganist to visit him in Koh Phangan and then I change my plans because of millions of reasons! I don't think he wants to talk to me anymore therefore I cannot say ...maybe next week?!

Do you have any current or future projects?
Right now I'm working on the next high season 2015/16 we are going to have a concept pool party, fairy tale style, such as Snow White, The wizard of Oz and Hansel & Gretel. This should be a very interesting project, I hope we will have a magic season.

What is your life Philosophy?
Do it! Do it good! And leave a print behind you .