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Join the Locals at Tanison’s Bar in Koh Tao

24 Jul 2016

Owner of Tanison’s Bar in Koh Tao is namesake himself Tanison who is originally from Chang Mai, we spoke to his staff instead who welcomed us warmly into the bar.

Guests were relaxing in front of the tv, obviously having a chilled out night or starting that way anyway and a couple of people were having beers at the bar.

‘Tanison like many others fell in love with Koh Tao. He knows many locals and people so they all come and drink in the bar, Tanison has been here since 2013’.

The bar has an artful feel with some nice small paintings on the wall and comforting lighting.

You can sit at the bar, on a table or the sofa, on stalls which face the road so you can people watch as you relax and there is a very nice pool table as well.

Tanison’s is also a hostel with dorms and two private rooms and you can chose from air con or fan.

It has a very homey feel to it and we’re sure that this will be a great place to stay in Koh Tao with a warm welcome from all of the team there.