An update about the Raja ferry sinking on the way from Samui island to Donsak

7 Jul 2022

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Raja ferry Staff at Raja Ferry Pier on Koh Samui Received notification from Raja ferry captain that carried the cargo, departing from Koh Samui heading to Donsak. He alerted that the ship encountered strong waves and started sinking, about 5 miles from the pier of Koh Samui.

Koh Samui Marine Police Koh Samui Administrative Department and the Koh Samui Provincial Police found that it was a charter boat without passengers. The ferry was loaded with three ten-wheel trucks and one pickup truck and with a crew of 12 people, a truck driver, and a car of 4 people, 16 people in total. The exact cause is unknown yet because, during the event, there was and still is strong wind high waves around the area.

Police Lieutenant Colonel Sirawit Naksamik, Deputy Chief of the Koh Samui Police, revealed that they found nine people around the ferry, floating on the sea. The search is still ongoing.