Dr Gomen from Bandon Hospital

12 Feb 2021

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Bandon Hospital on Koh Samui was the very first private hospital there and it is partnered with the Koh Phangan branch in Baan Tai.

We went along to meet  Doctor Goman who is originally from Chang Mai where he studied and then moved down South to Samui two and a half years ago.

Sawa Dee Ka Dr Gomen, so how did you end up here on Samui?
The beginning was when I was still a medical student, in our free time we had to chose our elective subject and chose a location to work at for two weeks. I actually chose Koh Phangan Hospital and came here with six other friends.

We were like other students from the North, we hadn’t had much experience with the beach so we were really excited! It was good to work somewhere that you like, I really enjoyed it. In this time I visited Koh Samui for two or three days and there was a force that attracted me back, I thought that if one day I had the chance to work here then I would as it’s a different experience.

After I graduated I worked in Chang Mai for a years and then decided to leave to come to Koh Samui.

What differences do you see as a doctor from working in Chang Mai in the North and now Koh Samui in the South?
I have to admit that most cases are from motorbike accidents, here and in Chang Mai. Others here especially would be jellyfish, sea urchins or other sea borne diseases.

In Chang Mai it is more crowded than here, most people here are on holiday, here for their happiness so when they suffer it interferes with their plans, we as doctors have to understand that this is a problem. So when they have to stay in hospital we have to be their friends, make them feel a warm heart and to feel at home here, we try to make them feel like we are a family member to make their stay at hospital not as bad.

What has been a memorable case for you, something that makes you feel proud to be a doctor?
I am proud in everyday life to be a doctor but there was one guy who was from Israel who had an injury to his face from an accident which turned complicated because of an infection.

At first he denied any treatment, it was hard for me as I wanted him to get better so I made sure that I looked after his wounds well and kept everything really clean. He finally got well and was left only with a tiny scar and now we are good friends! He is coming to visit in January and is very happy!

Bandon was the first private hospital on Koh Samui, does it have a good reputation in the community?
Yes it has been here for over twenty five years so it’s a pretty long time.

My feelings as a doctor are that we are well respected in the middle and older generations as we are local and well known. Tourists come and go but we will always make them feel comfortable!

How many patients do you treat in a day?
It varies, low season it is around ten people then in high season fifty to sixty people a day. As a general practitioner I take care of the out patients and emergency room, I meet a lot of patients even if it is not complicated and we are always updating our knowledge and equipment.

Do you have a good team here?
Yes, I love them all. One of the nurses is like my Grandmother as she has worked as a nurse her whole life and teaches me a lot.

And what do you enjoy about living on Koh Samui?
I spend time exercising in a good gym, there’s great food, I love Thai food and there are lots of restaurants.

My main hobby is travelling, I am trying to go around the world. Every time I set myself a goal to go somewhere and this gives me the energy to keep working!