Daily 08:00 Hatha Yoga


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Hatha Yoga is the form most people consider to be yoga. It consists of mainly physical postures and movements designed to stimulate and rejuvenate the physical being. These are called asanas, and are put together in sequences.

The Chakra Yoga system involves a detailed knowledge of our anatomy & physiology, taking us inward to look at body and brain chemistry, and brings us to an understanding of how the glands and organs function and what causes them to malfunction sometimes. In this class we learn how to influence the glands & organs in a positive and stimulating way, what to feed the body, how to detoxify, strengthen, etc... All of this information and more is part of the first phase of yoga, Hatha Yoga.

Come and join us for a rejuvenating and revitalising class to bring your body and mind back to health.

Pyramid Yoga
23 Sep 08:00