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Do you want to take care about your health? Do you want to eliminate stress and improve relationships? Many wonder, "What else should I do to feel great?"

All you need is to balance your energy.

Reiki is an internationally recognized method that works at the lenergy level and allows us to put together many aspects of life, such as:

- better health;
- life without stress;
- better relations with other people;
- balance of thoughts and emotions;

Reiki has been used successfully for decades by many people around the world. It is also recognized officialy, by science. It allows us to channel a large amount of creative energy and is emit it through our palms.

Come on Tuesday January the 15th at 7pm and find out more about Reiki at this free lecture. On this lecture will be presented a Reiki education that will be held on 18th of January 11am-17pm.

Your certified Teacher of Tibetan Reiki on this training is Dejan Petrović - Vedar Vedski, who will support you on your path of development and progress.

Feel free to join us in Pyramid Yoga Center, Ko Phangan.

You are welcome.

Pyramid Yoga
15 Jan 19:00

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