Crystal Bowls Level 1: Awakening Resonance with Quartz

30 Sep 12:00

Pure Nature Yoga

Saturday 30th of September 2023, from 12:30pm to 4:30pm. 5000 THB.

4 hours learning session including certificate, with Roni Lynette Jones.

Experience how to use the vibration of Crystal Quartz for deep relaxation, resonance and healing. Through theory, demonstration, application and feedback, in individual playing we explore crystal bowl bath meditation, as well as self-healing techniques.

The Crystal Bowls produce the most wonderful pure harmonic tones imaginable, as they induce altered states of consciousness and expansion of awareness. They differ from other Singing Bowls due their angelic and ethereal higher frequency and the amplification of the crystal.

You will learn:

⁃ How Crystal bowls heal and transform.
⁃ Effective use and types of crystal bowls.
⁃ Increasing sensitivity to sound and expanded awareness.
⁃ Attuning to quartz and frequency.
⁃ How to create a crystal bowl meditation.
⁃ Effective skills and techniques.
⁃ Creating sacred space and intention.

This course is an excellent introduction to the sphere of crystal bowl healing. Open to anyone with an interest in Sound, as well as Holistic Therapists, Psychotherapists, Yoga and Meditation Teachers, Medical or Wellness Practitioners and Musicians.

The module is a first chapter of the two-day course ’Crystal Bowls: Awakening
Resonance with Quarz.’ Level 2, where we navigate into a deep and comprehensive practice and learning of the therapeutic use of Crystal Bowls.

A manual will be given and crystal bowls will be provided for the training.

About the facilitator:

Roni Lynette Jones has worked in the field of Sound Therapy for over a decade, facilitating large multi-instrumental Sound Baths as well as working with clients individually. Roni’s unique outlook interweaves her vast knowledge of Tibetan Buddhism and aspects of Yoga Therapy as a C-IAYT Yoga Therapist. A background in theatrical arts as professional Stage Designer for ten years at many London theatres, and Roni’s love for nature, inspires her to design sacred spaces for moon ceremonies, events and special retreats combined with sacred sound.

Roni now leads Pure Nature Yoga ‘200h Holistic Yoga and Sound Therapy Teacher Trainings’ on Koh Yao Noi, and Sound Therapy Trainings on Koh Phangan. She is passionate about the use of vibration for deep profound effects on the mind-body network, especially in the realm of mental health and emotional trauma.

Roni’s tender embrace of life flows through her soundscapes, holistic voice, guided poetics, primal and angelic sound tools in an organic and enlightening experience.

From grounding earthly presence to more celestial and ethereal, the conscious relationship between earth, sky and the elements is interplayed. Roni invites you on your own journey, gaining insights, clarity, or just deep rejuvenation, often bringing suppressed emotion into conscious awareness.

We learn, we heal, we enjoy together.