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Ecstatic Dance Koh Phangan with Sunshay - 31st Jan


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ECSTATIC DANCE Koh Phangan on 31/01/20
Dear community, come join us Every Friday, on a magical, Ecstatic Dance Journey ~ a free form of expression and conscious dance through movement. A space created for you to freely express yourself, to let go and let your body & the music guide ‎you. Experience a safe space to release your inner dancer, to move like no one is watching.

Location: Jaran's Yoga-Wellness-Eatery
DOORS OPENS for Warm Up ~ 7:00 pm
INTRODUCTION - 7.45 - 8.00 pm
ECSTATIC DANCE: 8.00 - 10:00 pm
SOUND HEALING: 10:00 - 10:30 pm

PLEASE arrive on time for the opening circle!


Contribution for Ecstatic Dance -
300 thb @ Gate
200 thb for residents holding Work Permit, Student/Retirement Visa or Community Card <3


THIS FRIDAY ~ SunShay Music will lead you on another magical Ecstatic Journey through his eclectic deep and amazing journey

Shay Barbalat SunShay ♥‎
has been passionately playing music for over 10 years. From broadcasting for a popular radio station in Tel Aviv - 106FM to playing raves in Israel and around Europe. Now resident in Koh Pangan, Thailand where he started the new vibrant Ecstatic Dance scene Four years ago at an intimate yoga ‎studio called Gaia yoga shala (Today Luna Yoga) as a weekly ~‎‎Ecstatic Dance/ Rhythm & Movement ~ sessions. Since then, the scene has grown to ‎become a major event in Thailand and Asia.
He also is the creator of “Evolve - Tribal ‎Culture”. A freestyle, open air rooftop Electronic party, Forging tribal electronic music in a journey of ‎expression through movement. ‎Sunshay is a believer in the power of music as a universal language - to rise consciousness, inspire, heal & bring people together as a tribe.
His sets are infused with a variety of music from funky, soul, dub, afro beat, gypsy-tribal, world fusion, deep/progressive electronic and tribal. His ‎sets became a dynamic flow of organic and electronic beats ~

* ‎SunShay - 106fm KZRADIO page:

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Live Soundscapes by Arihant Ortega & Frits van der Lee ... no much word needed to describe his amazing talent and the way they are able to let people fly on the tunes of their tunes Just need to experience it!!

Arihant Ortega ~
He is a seeker, yogi and musician,on a
quest to crystalize sounds about the strange and beautiful realms of spirit,where he finds the inspiration to pour his heart into music in his unique and playful way"

The dance floor is a safe space to bring your individual self to the greater connection of community. A sacred space where is no talking, no shoes and no judgment, on which we respect each other and ourselves. Ecstatic Dance is alcohol, drug and smoke-free event. Riding the waves of music, we dance to free ourselves of tension and habits, finding new ways to move and express, giving us insight into what restricts us in daily life. ♥

28.01.20 - TRISTAN
31.01.20 - SUNSHAY
07.02.20 - SANDESH

Ecstatic dance style: WorldBeat~Psybient~African~Funky~Soul~Tribal~ Psychedelic ~Bass~Electronic~Grooves~Dub~Deep~ Ecstatic~Meditative


Set your intention, connect, release and let go

Ecstatic Dance Location:

Jarans's, Yoga - Health - Eatary - Koh Phangan

Ecstatic Dance Guidelines
The following guidelines are typical of those followed at hundreds of conscious dances around the world, having been developed through community discussions and agreement over decades.

* Please note: This is a Safe and Sacred Space - drug & alcohol-free!
* Be mindful of others personal boundaries. Move freely in all directions/ respect all dance forms and the people around.
* Its a nonverbal journey / no mobile phones. together with love we built a higher vibration.
* Be clean. Please arrive fresh with a clean body and clothes, as some of us are sensitive to any scented products (including essential oils) or strong body odors.
* Be curious, open, and accepting. Please suspend judgements of self or other.
* Please bring a refillable water bottle, there is free, chilled water.
Thank YOU <3


Jaran's Yoga-Wellness-Eatery
28 Aug 19:00