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Ecstatic Dance Jaran's with Ale Live - FEB 4th


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Dear community, come join us Every Tuesday, on a magical, Ecstatic Dance Journey ~ a free form of expression and conscious dance through movement. A space created for you to freely express yourself, to let go and let your body & the music guide ‎you. Experience a safe space to release your inner dancer, to move like no one is watching.

Location: Jaran's Yoga-Wellness-Eatery
DOORS OPEN ~ ........... 7:00 pm
INTRODUCTION - ......... 7:45 pm
ECSTATIC DANCE: - ..... 8:00 pm - 10.00 pm
SOUND HEALING - .......10:00 - 10:30 pm
°° Contribution for Ecstatic Dance - 300 thb @ Gate
°° 200 thb for residents holding Work Permit - Student - Retirement
Visa & Community Card ♥

In order to offer you the best journey possible and focus more on quality then quantity we decided to set up a limit to the Dancers so that everybody will have enough space to freely express themselves!!
We will open doors at 7:00 pm and apply the "First come First served" system.
So PLEASE come on time!

* THIS TUESDAY * February 4th ♥ will be held by Alex Bustamante playing his Live Set .... an amazing opportunity to see him creating his magic and dancing to his Journey.

About him:
Ale is a multi instrumentalist, composer, producer and Dj from Punta Arenas, Chile.
He has a long career as musician, big band conductor, composer for theatre and contemporary dance. His music influences goes through tribal south american rhythms, ambience, electronic ,contemporary, jazz, funk, afro latin and many more; making his music fully organic, fresh and eclectic with uplift and happy vibes.

After a road trip that took him to visit Peru, Ecuador, Colombia and Argentina, where he got to know in deep traditional music, he decided to move to Australia where he started to collaborate with artists and starting his solo projects. With a very fast acceptance he was already main member of four bands, being with his main one , jazz trio"Caingá", resident in Rubys, Melbourne.

This journey took him to Bali where he started to get familiar with traditional gamelan music and the local music scene and then to Thailand, where he started a new exploration with Ecstatic dances, sound journeys, cacao ceremonies and medicine music.
Nowadays he is performing mainly as soloist and also co creating with amazing artists from all over the world.

The invitation is to bring the joy and the magic to the dance floor with no judges.
To play with no fear. To dare and take risks. To connect. To love.


THiS EVENING Ale will be accompanied by few super talented musicians .... Arihant Ortega and his magic flute, Davide D'Agostino on hangpan, the super group KULAM project while Shay Deri on guitar and Mia Renwall with her voice will take care of the SOUND HEALING at the end of the journey making us fly on their tunes!!!
IMPOSSIBLE TO MISS THIS UNIQUE OPPORTUNITY to have such a group together!!


The dance floor is a safe space to bring your individual self to the greater connection of community. A sacred space where is no talking, no shoes and no judgment, on which we respect each other and ourselves. Ecstatic Dance is alcohol, drug and smoke-free event. Riding the waves of music, we dance to free ourselves of tension and habits, finding new ways to move and express, giving us insight into what restricts us in daily life. ♥

Next Dj on Ecstatic dance Tuesday:

28.01 - Tristan
04.02 - Ale Live
11.02 - Tristan
18.02 - Karim

Ecstatic dance style: WorldBeat~ Global Bass - Psybient~African~Funky~Soul~Tribal~ Psychedelic ~Bass~Electronic~Grooves~Dub~Deep~ Ecstatic~Meditative


°° Set your intention, connect, release and let go..
°° Please note: This is a Safe and Sacred Space - drug & alcohol-free!
°° Be mindful of others personal boundaries. Move freely in all directions/ respect all dance forms and the people around.
°° Its a nonverbal journey / no mobile phones. together with love we built a higher vibration.
°° Please bring a refillable water bottle, there is free, chilled water.


Jaran's Yoga-Wellness-Eatery
25 Aug 19:00