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Gaia Nature Spa


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One of a kind venue offers magical atmosphere in serene nature. Our Herbal Steam Sauna uses local organic herbs that will make your entire being melt and relax, followed by refreshing cool-down in iced plunge pool, showers or cold water tanks. After all your troubles are long forgotten, you can replenish your liquids and recover energy in bar supplied with healthy organic drinks and snacks.


True journey of awakening your senses, regeneration and nourishment for you and rest for mind.Gaia Nature Spa is a true gem located in lush nature of the heart of Koh Phangan.

Unusually, Gaia’s parking area is situated two to three minutes walk from the actual spa, this means you can unwind and prepare yourself as you take a beautiful small walk to the entrance of the venue.

As you walk through the large but unemposing gates you are transported to a serene space and greeting area. There, you can use the changing rooms, sinks and toilets and feel the already special energy of Gaia.

The spa is connected by wooden walkways which are magically lit up to guide your way, first to the sauna and plunge pool, then to the showers and through to the relaxation and social area where they have calming fire and a healthy bar for you to enjoy through the evening.

Great effort is made with their sauna, the herbs are changed every second day using local ingredients such as galangal, turmeric, ginger, citronella and cinnamon. There can be up to 13 ingredients.

“We study it all very carefully and try ourselves to find good combinations, we also have a Thai friend to help with the knowledge and properties of the herbs”.

As well as the plunge pool to use afterwards there are showers and the more traditional Thai style water tanks. You can then wander down to relax near the fire area and chill.

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