Heartbreak healing retreats on Koh Phangan and FQA about Healing Heartbreak

14 Dec 2022

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98% of people will suffer heartbreak at least once in their lifetime. Experts shown that breaking up with a partner can cause you to crave the person the same way you would with an addictive substance. 

We interviewed Emma the Heart Healer to find out the answers to the frequently asked questions.

Why do some people experience such a significant breakdown after a separation and some experience it easier? 

A breakup can be extremely hard for the one that has been on the receiving end of rejection.

Regardless of who did the dumping; the severity of the pain can be extreme for highly sensitive people. If you’ve been feeling like that, you’re not alone.

It can also be particularly challenging to anyone who has envisioned a life with their partner. The imagined future is no longer possible with them, this creates a vacuum often accompanied by a loss of identity. 

Post-breakup, a person may start to believe their deepest fears about themselves are true, fears like “I'm not lovable”, “I'm not good enough” “I will never meet the right person.” 

Our PERCEPTION of a breakup causes most of the pain.

If somebody perceives it as “the end of the world”, “I’m broken”, `I will always be alone”, they're going to feel a lot worse compared to somebody who would have a more positive perspective. 


How does a broken heart affect people's lives? Does time always heal?

A breakup will have a ripple effect throughout a person's life, often affecting their work, and the motivation to socialize with friends. They feel that the whole world is just carrying on while they are locked into feelings that no one can fully relate to, and it can make the person feel disconnected & isolated. 

In the negative energy of heartache, we often become less productive and less creative, basing many meanings of the breakup on life, relationships, and ourselves that are not true. 

Time is a great healer, but we are our biggest healers. 

Why do some people stay in unhealthy relationships? Is it because they fear being alone again?

People stay in toxic relationships WAY longer than they should, because they fear going through heartache, low self-esteem, being alone, and of failing.

People often stay in a relationship because it’s very comfortable. They feel the familiarity with their partner, and their mind is scared of change. The relationship feels like home, or they could be trauma bonded to their partner. 

Why did you become a heartbreak therapist?

The reason I became a heartbreak therapist was that “the feeling of heartbreak is often hard to break free from, it can take years to recover without therapy, we all deserve to feel good and to be with the right partner, someone we can that be all expressions of ourselves with and that’s what I do for people”

Also after going through a breakup numerous times over 25 years and feeling so lost in that process, she decided something needed to be done to help. 

Since then, she’s helped 100+ people heal their hearts or manifesting the right partner within months.

She has incorporated techniques she learned over the years, adjusted to healing heartache, the most powerful being Rapid Transformational Therapy or (RTT). 

She has created her unique method of healing people after being certified in clinical hypnotherapy, RTT, breath work, emotional intelligence, EFT & Theta Healing. 

What is the idea of the retreat, what is its structure, and what will it include?

The purpose of the retreat is to transform people into a healed person who is ready to attract their soulmate.

This is a process that could normally take MONTHS, but with the program, I have designed it as 8 weeks of 1:1 therapy condensed into only 2 days.

Day 1 

10 am -12:30 pm

Intro & sharing circle. 

The first Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT) session bespoke to healing your heart, 

Changing your relationship blueprint eliminating patterns & blocks. 

Break for lunch, where you can eat yummy vegetarian food and relax, overlooking the sea. 

1:30 pm 3:30 pm 


Release the grip of attachment to memories so you can let go of the grief and the constant mental reminders of the past. 

In emotional Freedom group sessions, this technique releases the heaviness of the heart, reframing it into wholeness & clarity. 

30 mins break 

4 pm -6 pm 

RTT session,

Releasing rejection &

TOXIC relationship patterns, so you will never have to experience a relationship with the same type of partner again. 

7-8 pm, an inner dance to explore and calm emotions with the sounds of the waves and soft wind in the background. 

Day 2)

We start at 10 am - 12:30 

Set badass boundaries, so you can address anyone without fear of repercussions or worrying about how the other person will react. 


One-hour lunch break for you to process and talk to your like-minded community of new friends. 

1:30-4 pm

Break free from the attachment styles so you can find a secure way of relating 

4:30 -6:30 

Let go of Anger & Resentment so you can regain peace and calm within your body. This practice will move you toward the path of forgiveness & acceptance. 

Also, in this section, we release Self-sabotage, so you’re free to be yourself in all your expressions. 

Who are the ones that your course will help the most, and who is not?

The retreats are for anybody, Men or Women that wants to let go of the pain of past relationship(s). 

It may have been a week or many years since the split it will still help.

The retreats are designed to help anyone release toxic relationship patterns, anxious/avoidant attachment styles, anybody that has suffered abuse and trauma from a past relationship(s), rejection, or betrayal, or anybody that wants to change their relationship blueprint so they can call in and manifest a partner without attracting the same type of partners over and over again.

What results can one expect after working with you?

Most people will manifest their soulmate within 1-6 months after working with me. The reason it works super-fast is that I combine the highlights of many teachings with my intuitive abilities. Many clients have expressed their gratitude see testimonial below:

“I manifested my soulmate after your event, he came out of nowhere and matched everything on my list” VICTORIA – past retreat participant

Read more testimonials here

What is your Koh Phangan story? When did you arrive here for the first time, and what do you think makes this island so unique?

The first time I came to Koh Phangan was in 2013, to be honest, I didn’t have a good experience and because of that, I said I'd never visit again! 

That all changed of course.

But in 2014 I met with a lone traveller who said I must go to this beautiful yoga retreat centre called the Sanctuary. A place that changed the direction of my life forever.

Since then, I visited six times before I decided to settle here. 

In 2014 I came for four days and extended it by two weeks, and then I couldn't wait to go back the following year. 

The next time I came for two weeks and extended it for two months, and the following year I planned for two months and extended it to three months.

You will probably see a pattern here, lol 

Koh Phangan got under my skin, when I returned to the UK I couldn’t stop thinking about her.

There is an urban legend on the island that she chooses her people - it’s the strangest phenomenon.                                                       

It also has an open-minded, supportive community. The island is surrounded by pure crystal quartz which keeps you vibing high even when things get low, the crystal accelerates people’s healing also so it’s a great place to face your shadows; there's no other place in the world like it, and now I'm proud to call it my home…

Why did you choose to have these events specifically on Koh Phangan & The Sanctuary Thailand?

I chose The Sanctuary Thailand for my

retreat it’s an exceptional place where lone travellers gather from all over the world it has a very powerful energy! It feels safe & has very welcoming, friendly atmosphere. The Sanctuary is built deep in the jungle but next to the sea, the very structure is built directly around the purest Crystal Quartz, it has calming ambiance, absorbed by hundreds of thousands of past meditations, yoga classes, and enlightening experiences. This is in the very fabric of its architecture, also it’s ideal for my retreat participants to chill, relax, be alone or be with like-minded people surrounded in beautiful gardens and lush nature. 

The Sanctuary was my first home on the island it is a place where many lives have been changed, once you witness it, it stays in your heart forever.

How can people join the retreats? 

The best way to join us is by clicking the link, which will take you through to the “book a call page", where you can chat with Emma to see if the retreat is for you or not.

Or click here https://emmathehearthealer.com/retreats to be transferred to the website and fill out an application form also to see if it is a good fit. 

“The spaces are very limited at the Sanctuary click here to book directly with them 

The Go Beyond Heartbreak and Manifest Your Hearts Desire 2-day retreats will be on 12th 13th January & March TBC.

The second event’s 1-day retreat is “Manifest Your Soulmate” on Valentine’s Day 14th February.

As the Sanctuary is very busy in January and February, it’s advised to book in advance as spaces are limited.

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