Connecting hearts and homes - Island Aid

12 Feb 2021

We are joined by two of the lovely team who have created Island Aid, Isabelle and Tyler. Another wonderful project to help people affected by the Corona Pandemic, this time focusing on hygiene.

Noticing a gap in support for the basic products that keep households and people safe.

Island Aid is stepping up to fill this gap in support of:

Disease prevention
Good hygiene is essential for preventing the spread of life-threatening infectious diseases, including the Coronavirus.

Dignity and well being
Clean homes and personal hygiene help to preserve these cornerstones of mental health.

Financial flexibility
Providing basic hygiene supplies allows budget substitution for families to cover other important costs, such as medical care and rent.

Healthy growth and development
Food alone is not enough! 50% of malnutrition in children under five years old globally is linked to unsafe water, inadequate sanitation and insufficient hygiene.

Saving newborn lives
Almost half of deaths for children under five occur in the first month of life. Many of these deaths are infection-related and preventable through improved water, sanitation, hygiene and good breastfeeding practices.