The Bucket List - Get a Massage

23 Jun 2019

What are the things YOU MUST DO whilst on Koh Phangan?! Here we present to you The Bucket List!

Get your new travelling buddies together, grab your bike or a taxi, take your camera to post on Instagram and create incredible memories each time you tick one off!

Number Four - Get a Massage

Thailand is believed to be home to the best massages in the world. That’s an experience you should not miss out, even when you come to Koh Phangan!

In particular, Thai massage has the following benefits, it relaxes, reduces stress, improves circulation, increases energy, increases flexibility, improves range of motion and centers the mind and body.

Here on Koh Phangan it is the perfect place to get a massage on one of its beautiful beaches. You will also get the amazing benefits of being in the beautiful cooling breeze with the ocean sounds to help drift you off into relaxation. There are always places on the many beaches offering you massage so just walk up and get involved.

As well as on the beach, you also have more traditional massage shops where it takes place inside and also more luxurious spas offering a more glamorous massage experience if you want to treat yourself!

Having a massage is a perfect way to heal after a long hike, to loosen up more for your yoga class or to help you with that hangover from partying too much or just generally unwind in paradise.