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Tips for Backpacking Thailand with Leo

6 Jun

Backpacking in Thailand? Let us back you up with some tips. Always explore and #ChaiyoWithLEO ?

Don't be afraid to travel alone

If you are thinking of coming to Koh Phangan but don't have a travelling buddy, don't fret. You have the chance to have a wonderful adventure on your own and you will make life long friends here anyway. 

Say Yes to new experiences

You're in a brand new Country, don't be afraid to try new things! You don't know until you try!

Allow time for spontaneity

You need to have a plan but you also need to be flexible, the trip of a lifetime might come up!

Avoid overpacking

In this heat you don't want to be carrying heavy bags, you can get all you need here and at a low cost!

Always have a back up of personal documents​

 Our recommendation? Take a snap of all your necessities and email yourself a copy.

Get a local sim!​

The day and age for mobile data roaming is over. Get a local sim! It's much cheaper and chances are that the connection is better too!

Remember to say Chaiyo with Leo whilst backpacking and on Koh Phangan!!

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