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5 ways to make your Instagram cool

16 Jan 2019

Koh Phangan is the getaway to thousands of people, who are running from snowy winters to live island type of life. Or a stop on a big trip through South East Asia. Or a perfect place to spend the vacation far away from the touristic routes.

It doesn’t matter what brought us here, we all want to share our experience with others (not to make them jealous, but inspire them, of course).

Also it’s an island where even the smallest Thai food place has Wi-Fi (sometimes it seems that the palm trees are sharing it).

So you won’t stay disconnected.

Koh Phangan offers a lot of places where you can make shots to impress your followers. Here is top 5 ways to get more likes:

We don’t know why, maybe it’s something in the phangan air, but the sunsets here are breathtaking. Wherever you go – to the beach on the western side of the island or to the rooftop bar, you’ll get the amazing show almost every night. And you won’t be able to stop yourself from taking videos and photos as the next minute it will get prettier and prettier.
We suggest you take shots in the water. Or just capture silhouettes. Either way it will look amazing.

Phaeng waterfall is the most accessible and the most beautiful on the island. You will have to go up on the rocks – as closer to the water as you can. Here on the top you will be able to get beautiful shots.

Or stay down the stream – here you will be able to pose with the waterfall in it’s all beauty behind you.

The beaches are probably the main reason why you came here. And every one has something special to bring to your photos.

Bottle beach looks like the perfect scenery for the movie “The beach”. Here you can pretend to chase Leonardo DiCaprio.

The Zen beach is the one to meet the sunset (see point number one – that’s a combo).

On Ban tai beach you will find the swings right by the water – they look super cool on photos.

At Ao Wok Tum you can experience the low tides where you can walk far on the water. Or sit on the palm tree that reclines close to the water.

And of course Thong Nai Pan Noi that look like the beach from that looks like advertising of the famous coconut bar.

The jungles and the viewpoints

The green is always greener here at Koh Phangan. And wile tracking to different spots you will have a real jungle experience. So take photos in the bushes, with palm tree leaves, but don’t lose energy (both yours and your cell phone) until you get to the viewpoints – all of them are beautiful and breathtaking. We recommend the one on the way to the Bottle Beach (another combo).


Paint yourself in all the colors, go extreme. Make a lot of shots before the party – while you are still of solid mind and memory. Post it, that leave your phone at the hostel or hotel and go have fun.


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