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Does Thailand have Seasons?

26 Oct 2019

Thailand is hot, it is famous for its warm, sunny weather...and then a bit of rain in rainy season. But does Thailand have other seasons?

Where you’re from you could be used to up to FOUR different seasons; Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter, each bringing their own temperatures, colours, atmosphere and weather conditions. So is Thailand the same…?

The simple answer would be No, however it does still have seasons just not as many and at different times.

Some sources say that Thailand has 3 seasons, which are: Hot, Cool and Wet.

We would add however that the ‘cool’ season here will still be warmer than what you are used to.

In general here on Koh Phangan the Wet season is different to the North of the Country’s Wet and rainy season. Down here in the South the rainy season typically comes around November. In recent years, though we have had rain a lot during December and into January and sometimes starting as early October. It’s best to be aware of rain from October through to January however of course there are always breaks in the storms so you can still expect some nice weather here and there yet it will not be as constant as other times of the year.

The most pleasant time of the year would be the cooler season when it is not too hot. Cooler months to visit would be November through to March, September and October are good months for the climate here too. Be aware that some of the cooler months are within the Monsoon/Rainy season.

Koh Phangan is hottest from April through to August, the marking of Thai New Year ‘Songkran’ is generally a good indication of when the Hot weather with no rain is starting, also coinciding with the island’s lowest season. This season is hot, dry and humid, you will want to be near a pool or the sea at most times!!

Unlike other Countries where with the changing of the seasons you get the changing of colours of the leaves, trees and general landscape, Thailand generally looks the same all year round. During rainy times it may get more ‘green’ which is always nice to witness after a long hot and dry spell.

So there you have it, a breakdown of Thailand’s Seasons, or the not-so seasons. Now you have a better knowledge of what to expect weather wise throughout the year!


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