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Why you should take a break from Bangkok and travel to Koh Phangan

28 Dec

You must have lots of stressful things going on from work, chaotic situations and bad traffic in Bangkok right? I can relate! because I’m a city girl who escaped from that chaos as well!
Why don’t you take a few days break or maybe for a week to relax your mind, breathe the natural air on the island or watch an incredible sunset on the beach that will help you forget about every stressful thing from the city for a while.

Here are some reasons why you should come to koh Phangan

Increase brain function

When you are outdoors, especially in an island, you are surrounded by the ocean, lots of palm tree, nature and fresh air. This mean you have more oxygen to breath compared to when you’re in the city, less pollutions so that your brain functions better with this increased level of oxygen.


The color of nature has psychological effect on people, nature helps you lower stress level by default and all the activities outdoor refresh your psyche. Which mean hiking, yoga, meditation or even relax on the beach helps you reboot.

And in koh Phangan we have all these activities provided for you, here are some from my recommendations.

Hike to Bottle beach

If you’re feel like to hike and see some great nature, hike the bottle beach will desire you. It takes around 1-1.5 hours from the end of the read. The way is marked with plastic bottles all the way, you can't get lost! It will be exhausting but once when you get to the beach view will be the reward for you!

NOTE : do not attempt to go there with flip flops or sandals!!

Yoga and meditations to help you focus on yourself

As yoga combines several techniques used for stress reduction it can be said to provide the combined benefits of breathing exercises and more plus yoga brings together physical and mental disciplines that may help you achieve peacefulness of body and mind. And for meditations, is actually part of yoga and it can gives you similar result. Just in meditation there’s no body movements required, an individual just sit over a specific place and focuses on the flow line of energies in the body. So that helps you a lot if you want to focus on something and let go from all those stress from the city.

There are lots of yoga and meditations schools here in koh phangan. Easy to find and don’t hesitate to give yourself a good retreat!

Socialisation is the key

You might have to sit in the office or in the classroom almost everyday in the city and didn’t get to be socialise. But once when you get to come here you will get to meet lots of people from all around the world that would love to share their experience to you. You can meet lots of people with the good energy and mind here in koh Phangan you’ll get to see the world through their eyes and their stories, the journey that they will share it to you and you will get to share yours with them too!

Sunset cures everything

Talking about sunset, then we have lots of spots for the breathtaking sunset for you.

Zen beach

Once of the best spots for the sunset. Peaceful place in the north, Sritanu. And You can enjoy your precious time with the beautiful sunset, listen to people around you playing instruments and from that can makes sunset even more beautiful for you.

Freeway Bar

Local bar that will give you the good vibes, relax atmosphere. Free your mind, dip your feet in the sea and sipping a fresh coconut while watching sunset is the best thing to do. Plus this place could be the best place for you to recharge from everything.

Every sunsets will reminds you that how grateful your life is. Even if you have a bad hair day but sunsest will help you get through the day. Just enjoy the moment and you’ll see how much sunset can cure!

It’s not too hard to get to!

Just few hours to get here from bangkok, 1 hour fly and 2.5 hours ferry to get here and then you gonna get to take those heavy stuff from your head out and you could enjoy your precious time here in koh Phangan and you’ll thanks me later

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