Cooking Classes on Koh Phangan

7 Jul 2022

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You could visit this beautiful island and eat amazing food, but while you're here, wouldn't it be nice to learn Thai cooking techniques? The good news is that the island is dotted with great places for learning how to cook Thai food leaving you no excuse not to take a thai cooking class on Koh Phangan. These days, people want experiences from their holidays, not just two weeks of sitting on the sandy beach. You'll be able to bring them home with you when you learn Thai cooking tricks, to wow your friends. Better than any souvenir on the beach that you can find, right? 
Put on your apron, sharpen your knife and head to a class or course to cook Thai food... And don't worry, novices are more than welcome.

Thai Food Koh Phangan


Thai food is known and loved all over the world and, even if you've never visited Thailand before, you're likely to have a few favourite dishes already. We're going to go out on a limb and claim that Thai cuisine gets a pretty bad showing in restaurants overseas, compared to in its birthplace, in terms of the variety of authentic dishes on offer-when you make it to Bangkok, you realize that there is a whole world of Thai meals that you didn't even know existed, and that many of them are better than the spring rolls that you ate in restaurants 
That being said, it's true that we all have a special place in our hearts for those dishes that we tried when we first tasted Thai cuisine, even though they really aren't always the kind of thing that Thais actually chomp down every day. So when you take a cooking class in Koh Phangan, it's the perfect opportunity to pick up the skills and recipes (usually better than you'll find often heavily adapted and sometimes very dubious recipes abroad) to make those comforting Thai classics for yourself once you make it back home, whether it's pad thai, green curry, or papaya salad. 
Discover a wealth of Thai dishes that you didn’t know about. At your nearest Thai restaurant, what's your favourite thing to order? Ask most individuals the question, and the responses are boring to death: pad thai, sweet-and-sour stir-fry, a stir-fry of chicken and cashew nut, green curry, massaman curry. And it's not the fault of the diners: that's the product of the fact that so many Thai restaurant menus overseas (yet by no means all) are hugely dumbed down and excessively suited to 'western tastes' that not much else makes it through. But when you land in Thailand, you find that the local food, the items that true, regular, everyday people like you and we eat every day, is so incredibly more diverse than what you are used to is a surprise, just like in so many other places around the world. Taking a cooking class is your chance to experience the enormous width and breadth of Thai cuisine, with all its regional and seasonal and other variations, and all the extremely varied dishes and flavours. Not just experience and taste it, either, but learn how to cook it like a pro so that whenever you want, you can return home and recreate it. 
Get insider tips from real Thai cooks. When creating a Thai curry, is it easier to first apply the curry paste or the coconut milk to the pan? In order to get the best flavour and texture from a namtok salad, how do you slice your meat? These are the kinds of questions that you would want to ask someone with Thai cooking expertise and experience to be able to provide you with a credible answer. Or they could be some of the tips that an experienced Thai cook offers you during your cooking lesson, without even understanding beforehand that they were stuff you wanted to know. 
Find out about, and how to use new ingredients. Even the shortest walk through Phangan's local Thai market will introduce you to all sorts of ingredients you've never seen or even heard of before. And even when it comes to those ingredients that you're familiar with and maybe have already cooked at home, taking part in a Thai cooking class in Bangkok gives you the opportunity to learn from the mouth of the horse how best to pick, store, prepare and use them to achieve inimitable results in your Thai cooking. It's not unusual to notice that you've been cooking a particular ingredient for years not quite right, either because you've just made it up as you go along, or because you've picked up a fake trick from an overseas TV or celebrity chef who isn't really the expert they'd have you believe they are. And if you have avoided any especially daunting ingredients in your local Asian supermarket's aisles or chiller cabinets because you didn't have the foggiest idea what to do with them, a Koh Phangan Thai cooking class is your chance to change all that and lift your Thai cooking prowess to the next level.

Thai Cooking Class Koh Phangan

The Four Thai Cuisine Regions

Each part of Thailand has its own style of flavour and food. Some dishes come from certain parts of the country and may differ from region to region.


Southern Thailand

In the signature dishes of this peninsular region, seafood plays a large role. Many spicy chillies, dried-fish products, heaps of fresh herbs, earthy turmeric, and a thicker, darker, more pungent variant of regular fish sauce, are known for fiery, bordering-on-funky flavours. The food, owing to an abundance of coconut and sugar palms, coconut curries and rich sweets are equally prevalent. 


Central Thailand

This area makes good use of palm sugar and coconut, as in the south, food appears to be on the sweeter side, and coconut milk curries are thick and lush. It is in the food of this area that we often see a strong Chinese influence. Like the use of condiments such as soy sauce, fermented bean paste, and oyster sauce, stir-fries and noodle dishes abound. 


Northeastern Thailand (Isan)

Cooks in this landlocked area depend on condiments based on freshwater fish, such as pla ra (fish paste, also known as pla daek) and pickled paddy crabs, as most foreigners identify with the cuisine of the nation with the fish sauce. Isan cooks are barbecue experts, where you can find kai yang, the best-grilled chicken in Thailand. With no coconut milk dishes to talk about, but lots of bright yam (salads) starring pomelo, preserved bamboo shoots, green mango, and the green papaya salad that has become so popular on American shores, the food is fresh and light. 


North Thailand

This jungle region is the dream of a forager. Local diets are high on wild plants, mushrooms, and greens. Northern Thais love pork (crispy cracklings are sold at markets in bulk) and offal in dishes such as lap mueang mu, a blood-seasoned spicy pork offal salad. The warm dried spices, such as coriander and cardamom, that season dishes such as khao soi, represent cultural links to neighbouring Burma and China's Yunnan province (a sunset-hued curry soup packed with yellow noodles and topped with more noodles, deep-fried). The ubiquitous Thai chilli-based dips, Nam phrik, are at their best and most diverse in the north, and bitterness is central to the distinctive flavour profile of the area, from herbs such as Vietnamese mint and cashew leaves, vegetables such as pea eggplant, and bile (collected from cow stomachs).

Thai Food Koh Phangan

Koh Phangan Thai Cooking Classes


The Phangan Thai Cooking Class
Thong Sala

Fun cooking classes with Chef Oy usually done in a group. Chef takes you to the market to pick and explain about ingredients and then you prepare and cook back in the kitchen.

Chef Oy The Phangan Thai Cooking Class

C&M Culture Centre
Sri Thanu

They offer short classes or full courses. C&Ml provide students with fresh ingredients. You can either enjoy eating them while sitting by the lake located behind the kitchen after you cook your chosen dishes in class, or you can take your dishes back to your house. Before coming to class, please don't eat much, save your appetite for your favourite Thai dishes that you can prepare with our experienced and enchanting Thai teacher yourself.


Muai's Thai Traditional Cooking Academy and Restaurant
Thong Sala

From Sunday - Friday, you can take a cooking class with Muai. Muai brings you to the local market for fresh food to buy ingredients, which is also a perfect opportunity to learn about the Thai food you are going to prepare. The environment of the cooking academy is very beautiful, with lots of greenery, plants and trees, learning a wonderful Thai tradition of cooking this incredible cuisine is a peaceful atmosphere.

Muai's Thai Traditional Cooking Academy

Proud Cooking Classes
Sri Thanu

A lovely cooking class situated in the countryside and has a wide-open kitchen with a pretty little garden. The teacher is very knowledgeable and pleasant and it is reasonably priced.


Grandma’s Kitchen Thai Cookery
Haad Rin

It is one of the most experienced Thai cooking schools in Koh Phangan. Centrally situated in a lovely wooden house. Staff are hands-on and will help you master the art of Thai cooking. 


My Wok and Me
Thong Sala

With 3 experienced English-speaking chefs, all accredited for training. They are located in central Thong Sala, one of the first restaurants on the island to open. They have a fully fitted and specially built kitchen where we will teach you all the secrets of Thai cuisine.
Thai Chef Muai Koh Phangan


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