What to do this week on Koh Phangan - Corona Edition

23 Mar 2020

As always here's your weekly update on what to do this week but with a difference - Corona Edition!

Koh Phangan has remained relatively comfortable in its bubble so far. However, it is advised to respect the situation extremely carefully and many people are chosing to self-isolate and implement social distancing.

We would strongly recommend blending in rather than sticking out and respecting hygiene standards that are being put in place during this time.

This means wearing a face mask when you are out

Clean your hands regularly and use hand sanitiser wherever possible.

Here's some things YOU CAN do this week!

If you do not want to go out at all then it's the perfect time to learn those skills you have always wanted to try or advance your knowledge of something further.

Brush the dust off that guitar and watch some online videos of tutorials, practice makes perfect and you could come out of this being a musical genius!

In fact so many things can be done at home.



Painting, drawing and Art

Cleaning and clearing out clutter


Cooking and baking

Plus so much more!

We are lucky that we have the internet to help us through all of this, there has never been more online tutorials so you can literally learn anything or continue your practice of whatever you wish.

As many people have left the island due to Corona it is not so full. We can easily practice social distancing whilst still being able to enjoy the natural wonder of Koh Phangan.

You can still go for a trek, maybe to the highest point of Khao Ra or visit Paradise Waterfall or Dom Sila Viewpoint.

The beaches are quiet giving you plenty of space to sit far away from one another whilst soaking some vitamin D and relaxing your body and mind during this stressful time.

Although all parties and events are cancelled why not have an online party with your friends or loved ones back home? Put on some music, of which many DJs are making special editions, get dressed up, call your mates and dance at home.

We hope that the supermarkets will stay open so that you can still go food shopping and we advise people to not panic or bulk buy, being mindful of the people who cannot afford to do this.

Do you have any other ideas of what to do on Koh Phangan at this time? Let us know! We will continue to bring you positive news!!