Koh Phangan Architecture - Siam Design Unveil New Cafe

8 Mar 2020

One of the biggest companies providing architecture here on Koh Phangan, Siam Design have unveiled a beautiful new design for a cafe bakery here on the island.

Across the Country of Thailand, cafes and fine eateries are popular spots for travelers to rest and dine. They are also great for digital nomads to work from on their journeys. Koh Phangan itself is home to dozens of wonderful cafes and Siam Design is happy to add a forward thinking building to this. 

The cafe bakery they have designed is inspired by the traditional thai architecture elements, combined with interior design from european cafes, all dissolving into the local landscape.

“It is impossible to forget where we are, Thailand with its rich culture for design and architecture, along the westren travellers visiting the island for decades already, has led the conceptual design ideas for this project” say Siam Design.

The building will be an open space on both floors. The architects want the space to be filled and convenient for all types of travellers, from solo cafe lovers to digital nomads, family quality time or just group hang outs. They have opted for tropical inspired decoration and the interiors are meant to have a unique collection of furniture and lighting fixtures chosen by the owner from all across Thailand.

As the location of the cafe-bakery was determined, the design began to take shape.

“We were looking for architecture that would be functional and comfortable to both owners and visitors”.

The central location and the natural surroundings are part of the architects' plan. They began with a smaller design, but realised that might feel too closed off. The exterior functions as an intimate garden, leading visitors in from the outside through various spaces. A brick staircase transports travelers to a sea view dining floor, boasts bot bar setting and lounge, along cafe roastery.

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