Why choose to stay in a hostel?

18 Aug 2021

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When planning your trip to Thailand there are many different kinds of places to stay. Hotels, hostels, beach huts, or yoga retreats.  

But why choose to stay in a hostel? If you're a solo traveler and are wanting to meet people then hostels are definitely the best way to go.

It’s easy to mingle and do group tours which makes meeting others easy. But if you’re someone who wants privacy I wouldn’t recommend it. Staying in an 8 person dorm has its challenges, especially if you’re a light sleeper.

Many hostels are orientated around partying so, if you’re a bit of a party animal and enjoy getting on the booze every night I doubt you will have any problems falling asleep.

Phanganist Hostel Life
Most hostels are pretty well kitted out nowadays, they have swimming pools, pool tables, and beer pong tournaments. So more than enough to keep you entertained!  I’ve slept in a variety of hostels before, the largest room sleeping over 20 people, but usually they consist of 4 bunk beds in a room. Phanganist hostel however has little curtains you can draw across which gives you some privacy. The place is also well ventilated and air conditioned, which helps for a good night’s rest.

Phanganist Hostel
So to stay or not to stay? I find it’s nice to stay at a hostel for a while for the social aspect, but once in a while booking a hotel and having some quiet time is much needed. You will also save yourself a sweet fortune by staying in hostels as they are roughly half the price of a hotel.  And you never know, you might end up meeting friends for life, or even the love of your life.

Written by Gary Shoulders