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Phanganist Hostel: The best place for your pre party

11 Nov 2018

It doesn't really matter where in the world you are: everyone has heard of the notorious full moon party in Thailand.  There are multiple islands here now that do a copy of the full moon party, but you have to go to Koh Phangan for the real, original one at Haad Rin Beach. They have been taking place for 27 years already! It’s something you really have to put on your bucket list and then check as soon as possible.

Besides the full moon, Koh Phangan offers a lot more festivities: the half moon party that’s twice per month, the waterfall and jungle experience, Loy Lay and loads more. Because of this, you can maybe imagine that Koh Phangan attracts a lot of party animals from all over the world.


Pre-party at Phanganist Hostel
“There’s no place like home”, they say. Well, I’d like to change that saying into “There’s no place like the Phanganist Hostel”. Since I’ve been travelling I have not been to a place that was more welcoming and comfortable than the Phanganist Hostel. CK who is the main guy for guest relations also manages to give everyone a warm welcome so they immediately feel at home and become part of the Phanganist Family.

It doesn't really matter if you stay in the hostel or not: either way you are welcome to drop by whenever you want. The best time to hop on the party wagon is definitely before the big events are taking place. There is always a crazy pre-party going on at the Phanganist Hostel.  Take a dive into the pool, go drink some buckets, play beer pong or pool, dance like a crazy person and meet tons of new people. Everything is happening here.

After the pre-party everyone gets into a taxi to get dropped off at the Drop In Bar. The bar is directly on Haad Rin Beach. This is where all craziness really goes out of the roof. More buckets for everyone and sexy dancing everywhere. The Drop in Bar is where we start the night and then meet again in the morning. Prepare for making some amazing lifelong memories, if you can still remember them the next day.


By Franske Huisman