My first Moon party

29 Dec 2018

The very first thing I did this morning – is buying a huge pack of rice. It’s not a weird way to deal with a hangover after a huge party – it’s a way to save the phone after almost drowning in a shower rain.

And yes, the party was huge.


It’s my first time on Koh Phangan. Of course I’ve heard a lot about Full Moon parties. That the whole island goes crazy, people drink, smoke and do all kind of stuff in the bushes and than pass out under the trees. That it is extremely dangerous to be around. And that you’d better stay away.

At least these were the myths I knew.

Actually, I even thought that a Full Moon is an annual event but not a party that you can go to every month.

On the island I also found out that there are lots of different kinds of moon parties, and more over a waterfall and jungle experience.

I never intended to go to one (you can read above why), but once I am here, why miss an opportunity to see something that legendary with your own eyes?


Another thing that made me change the decision – is a social matter. Staying at a hostel, meeting lots of travelers from around the world, spending time together - all that led to deciding to go to the party as a huge group.

And that was a great idea – I don’t think I’d survive through it on my own.


We started at the hostel with a dinner, games, little bit of dancing. And of course, painting each other – that turned out to be completely pointless, but at least the process was fun. So was the ride to the venue – on a shared taxi.

So we arrived at a party around midnight. The venue looked amazing – a real jungle with different stages hidden in the woods. A small one with RnB music, another one with techno and the main dance floor under a huge tree, with a stage for Djs and fireshow performances.


Everybody was on the same vibe, dancing, smiling, shouting. I kept losing my companions but kept finding them in different combinations. That was super fun to see someone you know, dance together. S o when it started raining we haven’t even noticed that. And when there was a real tropical rain shower – that was already pointless to seek for a place to hide.

Completely wet we continued dancing under the rain with feet in the rivers of water and sand. The rain did a great job washing away all the bodypaint (from the skin, but not from the clothes)


Part of me believed that the rain would stop eventually, but it was raining (as it felt) for hours. And of course I wasn’t prepared for that, nor was my phone (that is supposed to be waterproof, but as turned out – not really). So here is a piece of advice – you’d better leave it at the hostel. Not to lose it (or not to drown it). And also there is no point – at the party you completely lose any desire to make photos or videos. You are just having fun, forgetting about everything – even about posting photos in your social media.